Somebody Loves Me…

Just like the song says, the best things in life are free. Love, excitement, libraries, oxygen, fresh air, wild flowers, etc etc etc.

However, let the record show that the SECOND best things in life cost approximately $120 at your favorite local kitchen store. I.E: My brand new Keurig.

Imagine that there was a drum roll when I presented it to you, and teeny tiny little fireworks shooting off in the background. Because THAT’S how I felt when Brian offered to buy me one as an early Valentine.

You see, my favorite day dream involves my very own screened-in back porch, a beautiful spring day, and a hot cup of coffee fresh from my Keurig. While I don’t have the porch, I’ve got the weather and the coffee. And if I sit next to my open window and close my eyes, I can almost pretend I’ve got all three.

So thank you, Brian, for the best Valentine’s Day gift a girl could ask for. I plan on spending quite a lot of time getting to know my Keurig this weekend. And if you find me sitting by the window, sipping a cup of coffee, with a quiet smile on my face, know that the real parts of my daydream are all because of you.

I’m taking the weekend off, kids! Happy Super Bowl! (GO GIANTS!)(Sorry, Donnie Wahlberg. ♥) Also, because you’ll be singing the song referenced above all day anyway, here’s a video for complete impact. You’re welcome.

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