Saturday Mornings Are For Mime

I appreciate all the support I’ve received after divulging my technical difficulties with you yesterday. In fact, I had several readers request that I take my own suggestion and post a series of pictures, miming the video blog I’d worked so tirelessly to post.

Truthfully, readers, the video blog I have planned wouldn’t make much sense mimed. Especially since one of the major reasons I did the vlog was so you could hear me sing.


And you’re welcome.

BUT, when my readers speak, I listen. And so, for your reading (viewing?) pleasure, here is a Saturday Mime Fest that I will call…

How I’m Feeling Today
It’s driving me crazy.
So, before I do something drastic…
Or lose my mind completely…
…I’m going to take the day off.
Perhaps I will crochet…
…or read an excellent book…
…but most likely, I will just watch the Food Network and relax.
Have a good weekend, readers!

9 thoughts on “Saturday Mornings Are For Mime

    1. Abby

      Holy crapballs! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Blogger has instituted a REPLY option in the comments section! Hallelujah! LOL

  1. Cookie's Mom

    Abby, i’m visiting you because Erica of Free Fringes recommended you for #BestOfTheBlogosphere at Cookie’s Chronicles. I see why, funny lady! I completely understand your frustration with technology! I hope you have a very nice and relaxing weekend.

  2. Abby

    Wow, thanks Cookie! And thanks to Erica! :0) Is there a specific way I participate in Best of the Blogosphere? I’d love to jump in! 🙂 And I DID have a relaxing weekend. Well…mostly. If you don’t count the 2 hour jog-a-than at the gym on Sunday. Oh, and all the errands. And the mopping…Okay, well, Saturday was pretty relaxing. LOL

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