Senior Superlatives

I was voted Most School Spirited in high school.

So was Russell. He was known for removing his shirt, painting his chest,
and arriving at school functions wearing a black Afro wig.
These functions included, but were not limited to,
pep rallies, basketball games, and even girl’s volleyball tournaments.
I’m guessing this probably isn’t much of a surprise to anyone who knows me, or even reads my blog on a regular basis. I’m peppy. That’s just me.
Here’s the thing: I loved high school. Loved. There’s not a single thing I can remember that I didn’t enjoy about the entire experience: from school dances to English class. I was surrounded by a fantastic group of friends, many of whom I’m still close with today. I loved (most) of my teachers and got along with them famously. I participated in clubs and after school activities, and took great pride in my school.
In fact, I often remember being insulted when any of my peers had something negative to say about WHS. I took it personally. How could they say such rude things about Mr. Algebra Teacher? Sure, he was old, and a little smelly, but he’d always been nothing but kind to me! So what if we didn’t have a track around our football field–that didn’t make rival schools any better than us! What do you mean you think the theme for Prom is goofy? Did you attend the 12 after school meetings where we deliberated for hours, trying to find just the right idea?? Then you don’t get to complain.
I took this ferocity, this passion, with me to college. While I wasn’t a cheerleader for Appalachian State, I was “dressed out” at every home football game, gold and black donned with pride.
I even took my hair ribbons with me to college. And I rocked them,
even when friends made fun of me for my “pep.”
I was always the first to cheer on the team, pom poms swishing, for no other reason than my desire to support my fellow students. It went above and beyond having a good time at a football game. I wept when the band would play our Alma Mater at the end of each match, my heart welling up with the love I had for my school. (Our band is also famous for Copland’s “Appalachian Spring,” which still gets me choked up today.)
Moment of Truth: I’d go back and relive those 8 years of my life in a heartbeat, even knowing what I do now. I loved it all. Reminiscing isn’t painful for me—I think back on those years of my life and smile.
The trick, you see, is learning to apply that tidbit of my nature into my adult life. Learning to cheer for my family, my friends, my peers, even if my pom poms are proverbial.
I think I manage to do a pretty decent job at it, for the most part. I’m fairly certain that my husband feels supported and appreciated in his position as bread winner AND nursing student. I think Dana would agree that, while I may not have the best form when it comes to hammer curls, I do bring enthusiasm and dedication to our workouts. I’m nothing if not supportive of my brother, my father, my mother, in everything they do: from finding their own paths to mastering the grill to finding the perfect puppy sweater on eBay.
If they have pom poms for that, I’d totally take a pair. Cheering is in my blood.
(Seriously, I couldn’t help myself. Below I’m sharing a video of Appalachian’s Marching Band…they open every single show with the first few bars of “Appalachian Spring.” Enjoy.)

Other things that make me emotional: The National Anthem, some Oreo commercials, and Bambi. Oof…Bambi.

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