How Abby Got Her Groove Back: A Video Blog

Week One weigh-in, introduction to my new trainer and workout regiment, and a little fun besides. Enjoy!


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6 thoughts on “How Abby Got Her Groove Back: A Video Blog

  1. Stephanie

    Mahahaha! I. Love. Your. Vlogs. Tell me, though…was “BUTT” a joke? Or was it really supposed to be “but”? Because I laughed out loud at that.

    Yay you! You can do it!

  2. Deeanna

    Are you calorie counting too or just cutting back on portions and the tasty but junky stuff? Chris officially joined with me at the gym yesterday so I’ve got my own personal Dana too. And he comes with Aleve. 🙂 Here’s to 2012… the year we nix the crap to drop the fat FOR GOOD! We owe it to ourselves to hang up our dieting yo-yo’s and put on some sexy pants instead. –>this me is be being super proud of you & me both<--

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