The Comment of Awesomeness

Last night, I got an email from a new reader. He had commented on a blog post from way back when.  To say that it’s the awesomest comment I’ve ever received wouldn’t be 100% true, because so many of you leave such thoughtful replies to my blog on a regular basis.

But to say that this particular comment made my face hurt from laughing so hard–that would be an accurate statement.

It had little to do with the content as a whole (though every remark made me swell with pride). Truth be told, there were two things about this comment that made it blog-worthy.

Let me back pedal a little and tell you that the post he commented on was about my predilection for over-analyzing everything. From what you say to me to how you say it to the inflection in your voice and the glint in your eye—I’m still mulling it all over in my head thirty days minutes later. It’s probably my most annoying flaw (to other people. I find it most satisfying.)


Long-term readers may remember this photo from the post,
titled “Over-Analyze Is My Middle Name.”

This reader (we’ll call him Professor X) could not only relate to the post, he also left me a link which led me to the most hilarious list of phrases you wish you could say at work but can’t. Some of these were so epically awesome, they should be made into posters and mouse-pads and other office paraphernalia.

I won’t share all of them here because, well, it’s someone else’s blog. But, I will share with you my favorite of the bunch. To say that I deal with…”difficult individuals” on a regular basis is a bit of an understatement. How I wish I could throw them off with a statement like this:

“Thank you. I’m very refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.”

Because, well, not only is that hilarious, but it’s also true. And as we all know…:

SO true. (source)

The second thing I loved about Professor X’s comment: he mentioned how he’d found my blog. He didn’t stumble upon it based on a friend’s suggestion. He didn’t find me on Facebook or Twitter. Professor X didn’t even use his superpowers to locate me on the interwebs. (That was a comic book joke, people.)

Nay, Professor X simply did a Google search. For the phrase “squashed dancing banana.”


It’s official. I’ve made it as a blogger. Someone googled the most random word sequence EVER and found Abby Gabs.


Thanks to Professor X (you know who you are) for the awesomely awesome comment. It seriously made my whole day. If this were a video blog, I would totally cue up “Looks Like We Made It” by Barry Manilow right now. OMG…THAT would be awesome, too!!

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