It’s a Brand New Shiny Year! (You Knew That Already…Right?)

On New Year’s Day, my sister-in-law wished her friends and family a happy new year in a grand proclamation. It was so profound, in fact, I’ve decided to share it here.


She is wise. She is eloquent. She is eleven and a half. (She also writes a blog.)

Every person on the face of the planet faces a new year with goals/ambitions/resolutions. Call them what you will, we all hope to be better every January first. I am no different. Each year my goals grow less and less specific. My list-o’-resolutions has shrunken in size as my age has increased. I try to focus more on family, friends, fun. But this year, I want to be better at lots of things. I want to improve. I want to actually meet one of my goals…maybe even surpass it.

I mentioned in a previous post that my only new year’s resolutions this year were to be nicer to myself, and to refrain from growing anymore kidney stones. Well, part of being nicer to me includes being nicer to my body. And that means eating better, being more active, and being smarter about food.

You guessed it, readers. I’m joining the cattle call of 66% of Americans who resolve to lose weight in 2012! Woo!

Part of me feels like this:

It’s a new year! It’s time to start fresh! I can DO THIS!!!

The other part of me feels like this:

The scale hates me.

*Honesty Alert*—–> I have promised myself that I was going to lose weight every January since 2003. I have failed to accomplish that goal every single time. I don’t know why this year is going to be any different. I can’t promise that it will be. But I have some new weapons on my side of the trenches. And I think they’ll make all the difference in the world.

My Personal Atom Bomb?  I have a workout buddy/personal trainer. Yes, she is my best friend. And yes, we’ll probably be splitting a bottle of red wine at the end of every week while we commiserate over the unfairness in the truth of our waist-to-hip ratios. But the truth of the matter is that I have someone who isn’t only willing to support me through this journey, but will be actively taking it WITH me. What a concept. If I weren’t so scared of her Army-inspired workouts, I’d be flat out thrilled.

I’m not going to turn my blog into a wellness, fitness blog. You’re not going to get daily rants about my elliptical, or regular information regarding my weigh-ins. I’m sure there will be some funny moments that I’ll share regarding exercise (because let’s face it. Exercise is funny.) But don’t expect much to change around here this year.

Well…except for my header. And my button. And the basic look of my blog in general…(fingers crossed that you like what you see!)

7 thoughts on “It’s a Brand New Shiny Year! (You Knew That Already…Right?)

  1. Deeanna

    Two things. 1) I find it hilarious, and as one of the herd, rather fitting that you used the term cattle call. 2) and only partially unrelated to this blog…I totally caught myself doing the 1 chin 2 chin thing in my mirror today from a recent video blog of yours. lol

  2. thesacredandtheprofane

    I too once again jumped on the resolution bandwagon, but I’m taking a different tack this time. In the past it’s been just “I’m going to eat better!” “I’m going to exercise everyday!” “I’m going to lose 100 lbs!” This year, I’m setting mini goals. My goal this week is to have one day where I eat clean (for every meal) and one day when I work out for at least 30 minutes. I figure if I set smaller, manageable goals instead of going for the whole kittenkaboodle, I might actually accomplish something. Baby steps. Teeny tiny little baby steps. I can manage one day and build up, right?

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