It’s the Little Things That Make Me Happy (Literally.)

While taking down the Christmas tree yesterday, my husband pulled out the shoe box containing my New Kids on the Block Action Figures and shoved it in my face.

B: What are you going to do with these guys?
A: I don’t know. All the shelf space in the house is taken by books or robots. *shoots Brian a pouty face*
B: *looking scared for the future of his Transformers shelf* We’ll come up with something.

Thirty minutes later, he comes to me, a smile from ear to ear.

B: I know what we can do with your New Kids dolls.
A: Action figures.
B: Right. Action figures.
A: Ok, I’m all ears.
B: What if we take them out of their boxes…
A: GASP! But they’re in MINT CONDITION!
B: Hear me out, woman!
A: *Clutches her proverbial pearls*
B: What if we take them out of their boxes and put them in one of the cubby holes on the desk?
A: But…
B: You can pose them however you like…
A: But…
B: …and you can put your Donnie Wahlberg calendar in front…
A: .  .  .  .  .  .
B: …and it’ll be like your own personal tiny New Kids concert every day!
A: <APPLAUSE> It’s genius! I love it!

I held my breath as I broke open the first package. I kept having to tell myself that they were purchased for me to enjoy, not resell. I’m not a collector by trade, even though my instincts were SCREAMING at me to keep their original boxes in tact. But honestly, after I broke the first seal, I was literally giggling with glee.

Brian kindly offered to help me arrange my shelf (as he is a bit of a pro at it.) So I opened the boxes and handed him each New Kid, watching as he posed them just so.

And he was 100% right. I totally LOVE it.

It really is a teeny-weeny concert on my desk.
OH yeah. Turn on the iTunes and I’m THERE, yo.

Now all I need are some tiny little lights to hang inside. And maybe a small New Kids poster to hang behind them.

And a teeny weeny smoke machine.

They make those, right?

*Abby begins eBay search…*

5 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things That Make Me Happy (Literally.)

  1. thesacredandtheprofane

    If it makes you feel better, all of my Star Wars action figures are not in their original packaging. Even the new ones I started recollecting a couple of years ago. They’re for ME!! Not EBay.

  2. Xavier

    That was sweet of him. And I guess I must be part of your instincts, because i’m still thinking about “You did what?!?!” I am not a fan of NKOTB or anything, but I know how it feels to have something on it’s original package for time, just for the memories… so you were brave at doing that. I envy you!

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