Christmas Recap

I consider myself to be a perpetual student of life. Every situation I’m in, I find, there’s something I can learn from it. The holidays are no different. And this year, I learned three specific things from Christmas. (You guessed it. It’s an Abby Gabs list blog.)

#3: Charlie Brown, my brother’s dog, is a serious camera hog.
I already knew he was extremely photogenic, highly adorable, and somewhat of an attention hound. But it wasn’t until I was busy cropping the photos of our gift exchange that I noticed something…funny.

Charlie was somehow, inexplicably, in almost every one.

#2: I come by my talent for funny faces honestly.
That is to say, most everyone in my family can manipulate their mugs almost as well as I can. The photo that makes this point totally obvious is this one of my baby brother, Adam.

Note: This picture was taken AFTER I prepared him that I was going to take it. As in, I said, “Adam, look at me and smile.” And he made THAT face. Isn’t it totally obvious that we’re kin?

And lastly,
#1: I also come by my sense of humor naturally.
We are nothing if not a bunch of jokesters. And oh, boy, does that ever come out around Christmas. No, we’re not running about hiding whoopie cushions or pulling practical jokes. But the gifts we give? Well…let’s just say we spend a lot of Christmas day laughing our proverbial arses off.

Brian got Scooby Doo scrubs for work.
Dad got a framed picture of himself. (It was in the paper. He’s famous.)
(Mom got a cow timer that, sadly, does not moo.)
This was Adam’s reaction to the Ninja Turtles toboggan we got for him.
And, well…you know me. I think everything’s funny. Especially the apron
Mom and Dad got me that makes me out to be a lush.
(The front reads “Wine is the answer…wait, what was the question?”)

Of course, heading into the new year, there’s one thing I’m 100% sure about, and have been since I was a child. I’m the luckiest kid on the block, because I have the bestest family in the whole wide world, bar none.

I hope your Christmas was as much fun as ours.

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