I dunno. You pick.

Raise your hand if you’re married.

Now, raise your hand if you’re the decision maker in your family.

I’m not talking about major decisions–like what vehicle you might be purchasing, or where you’re going to live. I’m talking about the day-to-day decisions: what you’re having for dinner on Friday, what you want to watch on television, what you’re going to buy your parents for Christmas.

While Brian and I tackle most major decisions as a team, when it comes to the more mundane decisions in life, they’re left mostly up to me. A conversation between us may go a little something like this:

A: I’m making the grocery list for the week. I’ve got most of our meals planned out, but I was wondering what you might want for dinner on Thursday night.
B: I don’t know.
A: Anything you’ve been craving lately? Or something we’ve done recently you’d like again?
B: I don’t know.
A: Pick a country.
B: Errr….
A: Ok….pick an animal.
B: Ummmm…
A: *trying not to lose her patience.* Any ideas? At all?
B: Whatever you want, babe.
A: grrrrrrrrrrrr….

Now, most normal people wouldn’t be annoyed with that conversation. Most people would make the assumption that the person uninterested in making a decision about a meal plan is just that: uninterested in making a decision about a meal plan.

However, Brian is a professional at not making decisions about a lot of stuff.

B: I’m bored.
A: So let’s watch something on TV.
B: *flip flip flip* There’s nothing on.
A: Sure there is. You’re just not trying hard enough to find something.
B: *hands Abby the remote* I dunno. You pick.
A: grrrrrrrrrrr……..

And while out on the town:

B: I’m hungry.
A: So, let’s grab something to eat.
B: Ok.
A: Where do you want to go?
B: I dunno.
A: What are you in the mood for?
B: I dunno.
A: Italian? Mexican? American?
B: I dunno.
A: Pizza? Burgers? Burritos?
B: I dunno. You pick.
A: grrrrrrrr……

When in the store:

A: Ooh, these pot holders are cute!
B: Yeah, they are.
A: Mom would really like these. We should get some. Which do you think: cows or pigs?
B: I dunno.
A: I mean, the cows are here favorites, but the pigs are pink. And she loves pink. Right?
B: I guess.
A: I’m asking your opinion here. Which ones? Cows? Or Pigs?
B: I dunno. You pick.
A: grrrrrrrrrrr…..

Most of the time, I ignore it. It is in his nature to make sure everyone around him is happy. It’s sweet and endearing.

Except when it’s not.

Because sometimes, I want to NOT have to make any decisions. Sometimes I wish he would say, “Abby, tonight we’re going to go to here, eat there, and enjoy that.”

So, a few nights ago we were out Christmas shopping for our family. Which, believe me, makes my brain hurt from all the decision making. Upon finishing, Brian tells me he wants dinner. (Because Christmas shopping is tough in general…and it’s even tougher on a strict budget.) And he’s really craving pizza. Hallelujah! Decision made!

B: So, what kind of pizza do you want?
A: I don’t care, babe. Just get whatever you want.
B: *cannot compute. Brain shutting down. Abby doesn’t want to make a decision. System failure.*
A: Seriously. It’s up to you. I don’t want to have to make any more decisions today. In fact, any decisions made in the next twenty-four hours are solely yours to make.
B: … … … … Ok. I think I can handle that.

He whips out his smart phone, orders a pizza, and we begin driving. I’m utterly relieved that I didn’t have to choose our dinner, and I settle back in my seat to enjoy the ride of the unencumbered. Our conversation turns toward our Christmas haul, how we’ll wrap the items, and what reactions we’re hoping for from the recipients. Ten minutes into the conversation, Brian turns to me and says:

B: So, what do you want to do when we get home?
A: *face palm* You didn’t even last ten minutes.
B: … … … … I was asking your opinion, so I could make an informed decision.

What? He tried.

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  1. The Woven Moments

    So what you’re saying is that your hubby’s worst habit is that he lets you pick the restaurant AND the tv channel?

    Yup, it’s official. I’ve got no sympathy for you. 😉

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