An Abby Gabs Pop Quiz

Ok, class, let’s settle down and take our seats. I know you weren’t expecting it, but today I’m giving you a Pop Quiz. (Surprise!) This quiz will only have one question, and it’s your job to root out the correct answer. So, boys and girls, everyone put away your books, take out your sharpened #2 pencils, and let’s get to work.

The question:

Why in the $@*& hasn’t Abby written a blog since Monday, December 12th?

Is the answer…?:

A. She ran off and joined the circus.
B. She was abducted by aliens. (Oh no!)
C. She’s been battling a righteous stomach flu.


D. She went to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus. (YAY!)

Now, class, if we use our best detective skills (and also that rule you learned in SAT prep), I’m sure we’ll all arrive at the very same answer! And that answer is…



It’s true, readers. I haven’t been ignoring you outright. Nor have I been off enjoying some fantastical adventure. Instead, I’ve been…well…I’ll leave out all the details and just say I’ve been sick.

Thankfully, I’m feeling much, MUCH better today. (I.E. –> I’m actually up, dressed, AND wearing make-up: three things that have not happened consecutively in the same day since Sunday night.) So…yay me!

Despite being ill for the past few days, I have managed to complete a few minor tasks. I braved the elements long enough to pick up a few Christmas gifts (don’t worry, recipients. I didn’t breathe germs on them.) I also finished and sent all my Christmas cards (same rules apply. All stamps and envelopes were self-adhesive. Thank you, technology gods.) I also felt well enough Wednesday to head out for a haircut and color.


No more grays—YAY!!! Merry Christmas to my hair.

So, readers…my apologies. I didn’t mean to leave you high and dry. But no worries…I’m back, I’m better, and I’m ready to start blogging again. Full steam ahead!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about a humorous encounter I had with the husband while out Christmas shopping…stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “An Abby Gabs Pop Quiz

  1. Abby

    @Dana: for such a hilarious blog, I can forgive you. This time. 😉

    @Stephanie: I’m SO BEHIND on all my Christmas stuff! Finally got stuff wrapped and under the tree today, but I still have gifts to buy! EEK!

    @Melonie: Oh, to be missed! It is the greatest compliment. 🙂 Thank you for that.

  2. Simoney

    Awwww, Miss AbGabs!!! Poor green you.
    I have to say tho that your new “do” looks mighty hot. Lovin that photo.
    And DID I MISS the announcement about you being a nanowhimowhatzit winner?
    I have to admit my blog-reading is a bit below-par lately what with all the *ahem* CRAFTING and er, Christmas shopping *boring*

    Now, perhaps a PUBLIC comment is what is required for this one, but i am hoping you DID realsie that NEXT MONTH (January) you are the Book Club Host.
    And I have YET to see a book review post linked up from you Miss Gabs *wags finger – naughty naughty*

    BUT I know you have been busy winning stuff and puking, so I WILL LET YOU OFF!!
    Just let me know what your Book Choice is for January.
    I will send you the linky code and the grab-button code ahead of time so you can post-schedule.
    If you can’t think of a book perse… maybe a Three Best Holiday Reads Ever them or something??

    Love your work (as always)
    and GLAD you are better in time for Christmas!

  3. Abby

    @Simoney: Yikes! I had no idea I was already up for hosting!! I’m excited, though. Let me put my thinking cap on and I’ll email you about my book choice!!

    @Elina: Thank you for your kind words! I’m ready to put my Santa hat on and boogie! 🙂

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