And The Obsession Continues to Grow…

If you’ve been a reader of Abby Gabs for more than, well, a week, then it’s fairly obvious that I carry a torch for one Donald Edmond Wahlberg, Jr.

That’s Donnie Wahlberg, in case you didn’t know. And if the name still doesn’t ring a bell, he is the Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block fame. He’s also well-known for his acting career, and has gifted us with such roles as Vincent Grey in The Sixth Sense, Sergeant Lipton in Band of Brothers, and most recently as Danny Reagan in the hit TV series, Blue Bloods.

In case none of that rings a bell, either, here’s a picture, for visual reference.


Since I started blogging here on Abby Gabs, I’ve told you all about how I twitter stalk Mr. Wahlberg. You’ve heard the story about how he wished me happy birthday back in June. And you’ll recall the many different Donnie Wahlberg gifts I’ve received in the past year…from my Donnie Pinata:

Coolest Birthday Gift, EVER.

To the collection of pins I was given by my aunt this summer:

That’s right. Not one, but TWO Donnie pins, with a group shot thrown in for good luck.

It is safe to say, dear readers, that my Donnie collection is steadily growing. In fact, just this past Saturday, I received ANOTHER gift, this one from a faithful reader. Angie, a friend of Brian’s from high school, scored an awesome Donnie Wahlberg doll action figure from her local flea market. Knowing of my obsession for the New Kid, she immediately thought of me. With Brian’s help, she secretly shipped me the doll action figure to add to my collection.

To say I was excited was an understatement.

When I wrote her to say thank you for my awesome early Christmas gift, her reply was in typical Donnie-Fan-Girl fashion:

“What’s a little Donnie love between Cover Girls?”

It’s so true. We’re a gaggle of gal pals, us NKOTB fans. We are grown women with full-time jobs and families and obligations who, in our our free time, enjoy hanging out with our inner tween. Thanks, Angie, for making my whole weekend! I will cherish my Donnie doll action figure forever and ever and ever!

Now….to collect all five…

Hey, Brian. When do I get my very own Donnie Wahlberg shelf??

Now I just need more stuff to fill it. Ebay, here I come!!

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