Dear Santa: An Abby Gabs Christmas Poem

Dear Santa, it’s that time of year
When letters grace your door,
Each asking for so many things,
Especially toys galore.
There are a hundred tiny things
That’d make my Christmas merry.
But there’s just one thing on my list
That would be the sundae’s cherry.
You see, St. Nick, I have these shoes
I’ve worn for five whole years.
They are the bestest shoes of all,
But now I’m shedding tears.
These shoes of mine, they have some holes
And tears and rips and scratches.
And even though I’m good with thread,
These shoes need more than patches.
I’ve left my shoesies out all night
In hopes that elves might call
And fix them up as good as new,
With brand new soles and all.
I’ve stapled them, and sewn them up
And tried my hand with glue.
I’ve searched the shoe stores high and low
And all of the internet, too.
But the photographic evidence
Speaks truly of their fate.
Dear Santa Claus, you know it’s true
Though I dearly dearly hate
To throw them out with Tuesday’s trash,
But I have no other choice!
Unless you’ll grant my Christmas wish,
And then I shall rejoice!
Could you please send an elf or two
To my house Christmas Eve?
A patched up pair of ballet flats–
What a present to receive!
Or maybe you could work a little
Special Christmas magic.
An elven spell, some fairy dust
To aid my shoes, so tragic.
Dear Santa, all I want this year
Are shoes that don’t have holes!
Or rips or tears or splits or cracks
Or places for my toes!
If you could find it in your heart
(It would be oh so great!)
To send me a brand new pair of shoes
(They’re ballet flats, size 8.)

5 thoughts on “Dear Santa: An Abby Gabs Christmas Poem

  1. Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me

    lol… now I want those shoes too.. I mean, not *those* shoes.. but you certainly can tell how much those shoes were Loved.. and it makes me want them too! Good Shoes are hard to find, you know?

    And now all I want to sing is that song.. is it called, Christmas shoes? It’s that sad song with the child singing about his mommy’s you know what I am talking about!? lol!

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