Photo Shoot with Nurse Brian

Yesterday, Brian and I took a trip to our local uniform outlet storm. And guess what we bought??!


(If you didn’t guess scrubs, you’re really bad at this game. Or else, you’ve never had cause to visit your own local uniform outlet store, and therefore, weren’t aware of their contents.)

Brian was so excited. His first real scrubs–YAY! I got to tag along because he’s semi-color blind, so he needs my help when it comes to matching colors.

Also, he’s a man. So…ya know…lack of fashion sense and whatnot.

There wasn’t much left to do when we got home, other than have a fashion show so I could take a TON of pictures for the blog. And that’s when things got funny.

I should also mention that we’d been out to dinner before the photo shoot began. And that I had a few glasses of wine.

So, Brian dons his first outfit, and I start shouting out directions befitting of a professional photographer at a magazine cover shoot.

Abby: Smile! Look happy! Carefree! Think about bunnies!
Brian: *weak smile*

Of course he’s wearing his badge. It completes the ¬†ensemble.

When that doesn’t get a response out of him, I wait until his back is turned, then “accidentally” click the button when he isn’t looking.

Brian: You did NOT just take a picture of my butt.
Abby: Of COURSE not honey…*giggle snort chuckle*

Sorry, honey. I lied.

Still…nothing. So, I decided to opt out of the posed shots, choosing to snap candids instead.

Brian: Yes, dear?
Abby: *snap*

What he’s thinking: “My wife, she’s a crazy.” (Read as if you were Luigi.)

(Hopefully he will appreciate my framing, here. I TOTALLY included the Transformers Shelf in the composition of this photo on purpose. I swear.)

Suddenly, I’m struck with inspiration.

Abby: I know, Brian! Do something….nurse-ish.
Brian: … … …

Don’t worry, future patients. This is NOT the look he’ll give YOU when
you ask him what a hematoma looks like.

Apparently, he didn’t get my inspiration.

Brian: What the heck does “nurse-ish” mean?
Abby: I dunno. Try to look…collegiate. Do something a nurse would do.
Brian: I have no clue…
Abby: I KNOW! Get your stethescope!

Finally willing to play along, Brian takes out his stethescope, grabs a cat, and I get the awesomest shot of the night:

Brian’s interpretation of the words “nurse-ish” and “collegiate” in the same photo.

Scrubs Photo Shoot = Awesome of Epic Proportions.

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