Be very, very quiet.

I’m crashing a study session.

From left to right, we have Fred’s elbow, Arielle, Tammy’s back, and Brian’s back. Aren’t they cute little nursing students?

See, I’m not a nursing student. I’m a nursing student’s wife. Which means, I’m not supposed to be here.

But I’m here anyway.

Sitting in a mostly silent study center, hushed whispers and the smell of books and institution (you know that smell. You may not be able to think of it off the top of your head, but as soon as you walk into a school/library/public building, you’ll immediately remember that smell.) I’m banging away on my keyboard, making more noise than the small group studying their hearts out.

And all in the name of blogging fun.

It’s illegal. I’m even stealing their internet connection.


One thought on “Shhhh….

  1. danadominata

    I LOVE that smell, it’s the smell of people getting smarter…yesterday the break room smelled of Cup-a-Soup and Doritos and I was instantly transported back to my first round of finals as a freshman in college.

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