Christmas Traditions (The Abby Gabs Way)

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when the older generations pass down Christmas traditions to the younger generations. Food, decorations, religious ceremony, ABC Family movie marathon: however you choose to celebrate is yours and yours alone. And what delight, to pass it along to the blossoming young pups, looking to soak it all up like sponges.

Well, readers, I have a few of my very own Christmas traditions. Some of them are what most would consider normal. Others….not so much. Today, I’d like to share them with you.

My Top Five Must Complete Before XMAS Traditions (In No Particular Order).
Number five: Purchase a brand new ornament for the tree.
It started out as just a fun way to pass an hour at the mall. Something that made Christmas solely ours, as a couple. We’d make a day of it: lunch out at our favorite restaurant, followed by a jaunt through a handful of stores, until an adorable ornament made us both smile, and that one would be our newest addition.
Then, about five years ago, I decided to take it a up a notch. Why not choose an ornament that holds meaning? One that, when we unwrap it ten years from now, will immediately solicit a memory from that year? It was perfect! An ornament that represents the most memorable thing that happened to us in a year! I’m a genius!
This makes ornament shopping a little more complicated. But so much more fulfilling.
In 2005, we bought a Carolina Panthers’ snowman at Bank of America stadium, where Brian took me to my first ever professional football game. In 2006, we chose an angel with the inscription “Love isn’t about who you live with, but who you cannot live without.” In 2007–the year we went to Disney World–we picked an adorable pair to hang on our tree: Minnie and Mickey, Christmas shopping.  A cherubic angel holding a white kitten made the perfect addition in 2008–the year our cat, Eddie, passed away. 2009–another kitty ornament to celebrate the arrival of Scooter to our family.
Last year I chose a solid glass ornament with a cancer awareness ribbon etched into it’s surface. It seemed fitting.
This year, we’re on the lookout for something scholastic. Perhaps a stack of books, or a pen and paper. This will commemorate Brian’s first year of nursing school, as well as my own success at (finally) beginning to write.
Number four: Celebrate with Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny.
It’s not “The Christmas Carol.” It’s not “White Christmas.” It’s not “It’s a Wonderful Life.” But it’s one of my favorite holiday moments on film.

Because it’s funny, heart-warming, and nerd-tastic, all in the same episode of “The Big Bang Theory.”

A little background: Earlier in the episode, Penny tells Sheldon she’s gotten him a gift for Christmas. Sheldon is less than thrilled, because now he feels it’s his obligation to get her a gift of equal value. Confused by the entire “gift-exchange” idea, he ends up purchasing several options so that he’s sure to have the perfect gift for Penny. Enjoy.

Number three: Bust out some groovy Christmas tunes.
I love all the classics: Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Johnny Mathis. I love a lot of newer stuff, too: Josh Groban, The Barlow Girls, Sarah Mclachlan. And you know I have the New Kids on the Block Christmas album. But for a few of my MOST favorites? Harry Connick, Jr’s “Harry for the Holidays,” The Jackson 5 “Ultimate Christmas Collection,” and Chris Botti, “December.”

But it’s just not Christmas at my house without Straight, No Chaser. Best. Christmas Album. Ever. So much so that I couldn’t choose just one video. Sorry.


Number two: Make a giant list of all the things we want for Christmas…
…knowing all too well that most of them are way too expensive to afford. This year’s list toppers are a Camaro for Brian, and a small island off the coast of Florida for me.

Anyone want to give us a bazillion dollars?

And finally, Number One, and possibly my favorite holiday tradition to date: Elf Yourself.
And no, I don’t mean that as an insult.

I’m talking about that genius little website associated with Office Max, powered by JibJab.

It’s the greatest thing since eggnog. And so easy, too! Just find a few pictures of you and your favorite friends, follow the easy instructions, and create the funniest darn video this side of an Abby Gabs video blog.

Inevitably, you’ll make a couple to send to your nearest and dearest. I always do, every year. But my favorite one always turns out to be the video I fill with the most random pictures I can find.

And today, you lucky reader you, I’m sharing an Abby Gabs themed Elf Yourself video with you. Happy Laughing.

Now that’s what I call tradition. HA!

Author’s Note: I swear, I didn’t have anything to do with the order they chose for the dance above. I did, however, choose to have Donnie Wahlberg, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Optimus Prime dance a holiday jig with Brian and me. It’s a personal preference thing.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions (The Abby Gabs Way)

  1. Stephanie

    I do all of that! ALL OF THAT!!!

    Three years ago we elfed the dog. I still randomly send that one out to people in the middle of summer. But I’ve never elfed Buffy.

    Last year, we got a heart to commemorate my miscarriage. This year, I’m leaning towards a piece of sea glass since we’ve moved close to the ocean again.

    AND that’s my all-time favourite episode of the Big Bang Theory.

    (Get out of my brain, you weirdo.)

  2. Missy

    Can you believe I’ve never Elfed myself?

    And do you have any Christmas songs you don’t like? I’m doing a link up on December 22nd of Christmas songs we don’t like. I’d love it if you join!

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