My grandmother asked me to write something for my Pappaw’s funeral yesterday. It was impossibly hard to write it, and even harder to read it. I waffled between poetry and prose, searching for just the right words, pondering over meter and style and rhythm.

I cried.
And I finally wrote from the heart.
It’s rough around the edges. It’s not exactly profound. It’s nothing that will ever win an award or rock the world of publication. It’s not really poetry, it’s not really prose.
But I was proud to share it with my family. Proud to honor his memory in my own little way. Proud to be asked, and prouder still to deliver. And today, I share it with you.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
For Pappaw
We remember you today.
Your heart, your smile, your laugh.
We’ll close our eyes and think of you
Safely wrapped in angel wings
Surrounded by snowy clouds
And warmth and happiness and love.
We honor you today.
Your life, your service, your memory.
We’ll close our eyes and think of you
In uniform, all pressed and dressed,
Your shiny shoes, your mile-wide grin,
A young man off to war.
We’re missing you today.
Your presence, your eyes, your being.
We’ll close our eyes and think of you
At birthday parties, sleeping sound,
Your festive hat askew,
Children playing at your feet.
We celebrate you today.
Our husband, our father, our friend.
We’ll close our eyes and think of you.
We’ll hold you close and think of you.
We’ll lift you up and think of you.
Forever in our hearts.

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