Why I’m So Easily Lost In Appaloosa Heights

It has happened once again. Real life takes a back burner as Electronic Arts has just released a new Sims 3 expansion. And this one lets you have PETS.

Kittens and puppies and guinea pigs…Oh My!

I found myself coming up for air yesterday sometime around 4 pm. I’d been playing the game since 9:30 am. No shower, no meals, no breaks (except feed-the-cats and bathroom breaks). And I found myself beginning to wonder why this game has such a hold on me.

So I did the only natural thing (as far as Abby is concerned.) I took out my note pad and made a list.

How The Sims 3 Solves All of Life’s Problems with the Simple Click of a Mouse:
Problem #1: Weight loss
In real life, one has to diet and exercise and toil and whine and starve and cry in order to shed a few pounds.
In The Sims 3, all you have to do is hop on a treadmill and run for 6 hours. And voila—super model.
Give her some time, she just got started.
Problem #2: Lack of funds
In real life, one has to work and save and scrimp and abstain and cry in order to save up enough money to comfortably retire.
In the Sims 3, a simple key stroke and the cheat code “motherlode,” and you’re on your way to Paris to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of your Simlife. (Typically about 150 days, give or take.)
Ah, the Simoleon. So easy to come by, so easy to spend.
Problem #3: Boring job.
In real life, you wind up taking the job that will put food on the table and money in the bank. Even if that job means sitting behind a desk, answering the same 15 questions every single day, and wishing you were anywhere else but here.
In the Sims 3, you can have your DREAM job. Want to be a rock star? Go for it! Dream of becoming a professional businessman? You can do that, too! Always wanted to be just like Indiana Jones? DO IT! There are even outfits to compliment your optimal occupation!
Oh yeah. Watch out Temple of Doom. I’m coming for ya.
Problem 4: Infertility
In real life, getting knocked up isn’t always so easy. (Unless you have access to plenty of cheap beer and the backseat of a Chevy Impala…although that doesn’t always work, either.)
In the Sims 3, if you want a baby, just Woohoo with your partner and VOILA–instant morning sickness. Or, you may choose to adopt a baby. FOR FREE. But never fear, if neither traditional option works for you, there’s always the Wait-To-Meet-An-Alien-And-Get-Pregnant-With-A-Green-Baby avenue.
Aw, isn’t she/he/it darling?
And if all else fails…
You can always quit your Sim life and become a vampire. (Not a sparkly one, though. Sorry Team Edward.)
*PS: Appaloosa Heights is the latest town available with the Sims 3: Pets expansion. And since I’m having to explain this, I realize that the title of this blog is rather weak. Forgive me.

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  1. D Kayd

    Haha… I love your level of honesty. “No shower, no meals…” I’m glad someone shares my addiction to this game!

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