The Best Ideas Happen In Bed.

I mentioned last week that I was going to spend my November writing a 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo.

I ordered my new straight jacket from eBay that same day. It still hasn’t been delivered yet.

Huh. Looks like it might be a snug fit…

I had a lot of trepidation going into this process. I mean, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 6 (when all I had to do in order to be published was whip out my jumbo box of crayola fun and get crackin’.) There are so many parts of the process that scare the bejesus out of me–enough to have kept me from pursuing my dream for all these years.

One of my biggest hangups was worrying about coming up with a marketable idea. Sure, it’s great fun to spend a year of your life pouring your heart and soul into something. But if that something isn’t sellable, then what’s the point? (That is, if your ultimate goal is to be published. Otherwise, who cares, right?)

For years it has felt like that single hurdle was looming over me, blocking my path. And I have really short legs, so jumping over it was never really an option.

But now, with a deadline breathing down my neck, I’ve been forced to put all that aside. If I’m going to participate in this thing, and I really want to, I have to just suck it up and deal.

Turns out, it’s been the best thing for me, as a writer. I came up with an idea that I thought would be fun to write. Something that would keep me engaged for the 30 days I have to bang out 50,000 (somewhat usable) words. And as it turns out, the more I flesh out the characters, and the story line, the more I think it might just be a marketable idea after all.

Hooray for me!

I’m not going to get into total specifics here on AbbyGabs until I have some decent stuff written. (Unless I get to November 2nd and realize that my straight jacket purchase was actually a pretty smart idea.) But here are a few small hints as to how my novel brainstorm is going.


Yes, that’s the Twitter bird. And yes, he will play a pivotal role in my little story. Intrigued yet?

Let me just say that a majority of these inspirations came to me while trying to fall asleep. I had that “Holy Crap Balls, what am I going to write about?” moment just as my head hit the pillow, and I lay there thinking about where I wanted my story to go.

In short, there will be hilarity, some soul-searching, a hunky leading man, a dream come true, and possibly a short visit to a tattoo parlor.

Sounds like chick-lit to me!

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