On the Lookout for New Blog Fodder

During our weekly Sunday family dinner, it was made very clear to me that my fondness for publishing pictures and videos of my family could be construed as problematic. Apparently, this could be defined as embarrassing:

I don’t get it. I think it’s adorable, and funny, and totally worth publishing.

(Then again, I’m the one who doesn’t hesitate to dance badly, record it, and upload it to YouTube with a skip in my step.)

Also, it was made clear to me that I have a knack for taking pictures of the not-so-flattering nature, and posting them on the internets without explicit permission from the family member pictured. Like this one:

Again: all I see is family fun. I mean, a little brother/sister silliness never hurt anyone, right?


Apparently, my husband and family feel that they must now censor themselves whilst in my presence, for fear that something they say or do will wind up here on Abby Gabs. This includes refusing to say or do anything if my Droid is in my hand, turning away when the camera comes out of its bag, and finishing a well-told, hilarious story with the phrase “But You Can’t Blog About That.”

This leaves me in a bit of a quandary, readers. Because, without these priceless moments of sarcasm, wit, silliness and buffoonery, I am left with little-to-nothing to blog about.

Therefore, I have decided to run a personal ad in our next Sunday newspaper. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Anyone got a funny family they’d be willing to let me borrow 3 or 4 times a week?

3 thoughts on “On the Lookout for New Blog Fodder

  1. Deeanna

    1) Chris does that wiggle and it is TOTALLY giggle worthy!
    2) I’m thinking all your loved ones, family & friends, should have been expecting to be the brunt of blogs when encouraging you to stretch to writing limbs in the blogging world. They asked for it by default simply because they blessed your life by being so dang likable and entertaining. πŸ˜‰
    3) You can borrow my mom. haha

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