Boredom + Sharpies = Abby Art

What happens when you’re super bored because your husband is at school all day, and Donnie Wahlberg is nowhere to be found on Twitter (making stalking him that much more difficult)?

If you guessed “Post-It Note Abby Art” then you’re so right! (And if you guessed “Post-It Note Abby Art,” then I’d like to ask you to remove yourself from my brain. Not that I mind you visiting…it’s just a little alarming. Thanks in advance.)

Once upon a time I told you, dear readers, about the lengthy, overachieving love expression Brian and I use on a regular basis. This is simply that–in pictograms.

Let’s take a closer look at some of this artwork, shall we?

(pretty self-explanatory)
Love (again, pretty self-explanatory, unless you’re
a cardiologist. Then you might wonder.)
You (as in, Turn. Only not.)
To The Moon & Back
(Note the stars. We’re in space here, people.)
With a Bushel & a Peck
(I wasn’t sure what a bushel looked like,
and the “peck” looks like she has a butterfly
growing out of her face.)
And a Hug Around the Neck.
(I’m not sure why I look like
Ron Weasley with purple curly hair.)
To Infinity & Beyond
(I tried to draw Buzz Lightyear, but, well…
You saw my depiction of myself, right?
Also, those keen observers will recognize
my tattoo in the above picture.)
No Take Backs
(Because they’re illegal.
That’s why it’s prohibited. Ya know
with the little circles and stuff.)
Oodles & oodles & oodles
(This one was the most fun for me.
If you can’t figure out why then
you don’t know me if at all.)
The End. That’s All Folks!
(What? Did you expect me to draw
Foghorn Leghorn, too? Sorry to disappoint.)

I ♥ Sharpies.

*  *  *  * Fun Trivia Fact: Did you know that the symbol depicted in the No Take Backs post-it does not have a name? It is know as the international symbol for “no.” Yes, I looked it up. After all, knowledge is power. *  *  *  *

5 thoughts on “Boredom + Sharpies = Abby Art

  1. Abby

    Really? You don’t find the red and green plaid shirt a little Hogwarts-esque? LOL

    Glad to make you laugh. 🙂 It means whatever I’m doing is working. So that’s a definite life-affirmation. HA!

  2. Abby

    Megan—Well, thank you dearest. 🙂

    Stephanie–I KNEW someone else would see the Ron Weasley thing! LOL And I had no idea your hair was such a lovely shade of purple 😉

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