Autumn Is For Football, Apple Cider, & Twitter Stalking

I can admit to you, Abby Gabbers, that I have not been as diligent with my social networking during the warmer months as I would have liked.

It couldn’t be helped. The beach was beckoning, we had several visitors this summer, and what little free time I’ve had was spent with my nose in a book. (Well…in my Kindle.)

With the fall months comes two things I’m always excited about: football, and new TV.

Naturally, there’s one show in particular that I was SUPER excited about…and if you’ve read my blog more than once, you can probably guess which show that might be.

Blue Bloods on CBS.

Not just because it’s an excellent, edge-of-your-seat cop drama. Not just because it tops the ratings as Friday’s #1 show (see? 11.2 million people agree with me.) And not just because it stars Tom Selleck and his spectacular mustache.

Oh no, dear readers. That show excites me because it ALSO stars my “pretend boyfriend,” Donnie Wahlberg.

(Yes, I can totally refer to him as “boyfriend,” because he follows me on Twitter, wishes me happy birthday, and lives in my bedroom.)

(Ok, my Donnie Pinata lives in my bedroom, but I still see him everyday. That’s totally boyfriend material.)

Ah, Donnie. The object of my obsession affection.

With the new season of Blue Bloods, my twitter stalking has resurfaced, full force. (*Warning, if you’re a Blue Bloods fan, the next part of this blog may include spoilers from last night’s episode. Well…sort of.)

As we settled in last night to watch what was promised to be a very emotional, suspenseful episode of my favorite one-hour drama, Brian was less than surprised to see me snuggling up with my Droid.

And yes, it was plugged in for optimum battery performance.

During each commercial break, I was Tweeting furiously. You know…to show my support for the show. (It had nothing to do with the fact that you-know-who was tweeting, too.)

And so, for a solid hour last night, my Twitter feed looked like this:

Let the record show that this was posted at 8 pm. The show comes on at 10 pm.
Shhh…don’t tell my husband he wasn’t included in this list.
I mean, I only get 140 characters.
Inside info from the ep…if you saw it, you TOTALLY
know who deserved the melon attack.
I use the word “pretend” loosely.

It wasn’t until I started re-tweeting other people’s tweets about Donnie that I thought of my friend, Alex, from Late Enough, and a post she recently published titled “This Is Social Media: (Not) Changing the World With Twitter.”

Only then did I realize I might lose some important followers due to my obsessive Donnie Wahlberg tweeting.

I paused, my finger hovering over the “Tweet” button. Should I be a more responsible Tweep? Should I be posting links to articles about important world events, tips to better parenting, or ways to improve the environment by planting one tree at a time? Maybe I should focus on trying to change the world one tweet at a ….


… … … … … … … … … … What?

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