Wow. What a weekend.

It was the kind of weekend that people write songs about. Or compose sonnets to.

You don’t want to hear me sing, and you’ve seen how awful I am at rhyming. So I’m just going to blog all about it instead.

Friday started off with the kind of happy news that results in a happy dance. (Mine was an Irish jig…yours may be a different style. Perhaps salsa? Merengue? The chicken dance?)

In as few words as possible: my Mom got a new puppy!

Meet Darci!

She’s the teeniest tiniest little fuzzball on the planet, and we I spent approximately 4 hours smooshing her (gently) on Friday afternoon.

As the clock began to approach 8 pm, my husband began to get fidgety. Now, let me just say that it’s not unusual for us to stay at my parent’s house on a Friday night until 10 or 11, depending on the circumstances, so I found it odd that he seemed ready to go. Especially since I was reluctant to put the sweet ittle bittle puppykins back on the floor (where I’m sure she’s convinced she belongs.)

But, he said the words “test” and “study,” and so I handed the pup back to her rightful Mommy and sadly made my way to the car.

An hour later, Brian was on the couch, drowning in a sea of nursing books. I was in my jammies, face washed, teeth brushed, dutifully checking my Facebook status, when my phone rang.

Not totally unusual. Except it was my friend, Heather. I knew 2 things about Heather that made this phone call a little strange. Number 1: She and her family were making the long drive from Orlando to Louisiana after a week in Disney World. Number 2: She has 3 small kids under the age of 5, so in most normal circumstances, she is sound asleep by 9.

I just presumed she was bored with the all night drive-a-thon and was just calling to tell me about their trip.

But as it turns out, she wasn’t calling to pass the time. She was calling to inform me that they’d shipped something directly from Disney for us, and the delivery service had called to say that, when they arrived with our gift, the gates out front were already locked.

(What you’re thinking right now: Gates? What does she mean, gates? Remember–I work/live at a storage facility. IE: We have gates. Not like Hollywood movie star gates…but we pretend.)

My response to Heather’s dilemma: I didn’t know UPS delivered after 10 pm on a Friday night.

But whatever–Heather said the UPS guy was parked in our driveway, dutifully waiting to deliver the package. So I grabbed my keys, put on Brian’s sneakers (because my shoes were nowhere to be found) and opened the front door.

But there wasn’t a UPS man in my driveway. No sirree.

Instead, I saw my friend Heather and her husband, Blake, standing behind the locked gate with giant smiles on their faces.

Naturally, I squealed. I looked over my shoulder at Brian, who had that “Ha ha I surprised you” look on his face. Then I ran outside to let them in.

As it turned out, Blake, Heather and Brian had been hatching this plan for over a week. And I was none the wiser. (Kudos to the three amigos for managing to keep a secret for 5 days.)

We spent the weekend catching up over coffee, laughing at the antics of her 3 little boys, cooking and baking, and reveling in each other’s company. Is there anything better than “girl time?”

Early Sunday morning, I was awakened with a kiss on my cheek and a “happy anniversary” from my husband. We packed up 3 excited little boys and drove to the beach for the morning. Sand, surf, seagulls, and the laughter of little children. It was the best anniversary gift, ever.

Well, except for the other super-awesome anniversary gift I found propped up against the computer later that day:

Because what celebration is complete without a little
Donnie Wahlberg in the mix?

A brand new four-legged family member, a weekend with my bestie and her fam, all capped off with 16 hours of my boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg on DVD.

My husband is the Anniversary Whisperer.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
I would like to say that I had a sentimental, mushy post all planned for Sunday to wish my husband a happy anniversary. However, I was otherwise occupied with babies and fun. So please indulge me as I will add those platitudes here, as an epilogue to this post. 

Thank you, Brian, for these past 7 years. I know the next 7 are going to be filled with laughter, love, and adventure. (And also, more Donnie Wahlberg. I’m sorry. He’s a big TV star now. It’s inevitable.) I love you to infinity and beyond!

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