Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

I had a lengthy conversation with Life this morning.

Life: Just hit snooze, pal.
Me: What? But why, Life? I have such big plans for the day.
Life: Trust me when I say that you’re better off hiding under the covers today than you are going out and facing the world. Big plans or no.

Well, I wasn’t listening. I got out of bed, ready to start my morning routine with a skip in my step.

That’s when I found our cat’s insulin on top of the fridge instead of in the fridge where it’s supposed to be. And apparently it had been there for 24 hours.

Crap on a cracker.

Not knowing if said insulin was now toxic, I woke my husband (who values sleep more than money) hoping he would have the answer.


More crap, more crackers.

After scouring the internet and discussing our options at length, it is decided we should hold off on giving his shot until after we spoke to his doctor. (Who later tells us the meds are fine.)

Road block number one, passed. Take that, Life.

I take my shower, grab my necessities for the day, and bustle a sleepy husband to the car and off to work. I decide to make a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee pick-me-up. We dash in, we dash out, and we’re back on the road in less than 10 minutes. A few miles down the road, we realize how precious those ten minutes were going to be in the grand scheme of our day.

Bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic. Awesome.

Naturally, my guilt-o-meter is in overdrive because it is now apparent that my caffeine addiction is going to make my husband late for work.

I’m running out of crackers at this point.

A frantic phone call to the restaurant, followed by 30 minutes at speeds of 5 mph, we make it to the interstate. Brian is only 10 minutes late for work.

Road block number two, passed. Although I’m starting to feel like I should’ve listened to Life.

Finally, I’m off to my desired destination. Nothing can stop me now! It’s a gorgeous South Carolina day, the sun is shining, it’s a comfortable 85 degrees. I roll my window down, turn my radio up, and start looking forward to the rest of my day. The one thing amongst many I’m looking forward to: my lunch, which I packed this morning. Leftover penne with tomato, asparagus, basil sauce. Yum, yum. I’m imagining how yummy it’s going to taste when I have a sinking realization.

My lunch is neatly packed right where I left it. On my kitchen counter.

I’m out of crackers, so crap on whole wheat melba toast.

I’m shaking my fist at Life, wishing I could get a do-over as I crest the bridge and my destination comes into view. And suddenly, nothing else matters.

Day at the beach on Twitpic

Thank you, Isle of Palms. You always put things into perspective.

So, Life…can I offer you a cracker? (Or some melba toast?)

(This post is brought to you by the letter B…as in Beach…as in, I love my readers so much I just blogged from the beach on my teeny tiny smart phone. You’re so welcome!)

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