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I can’t think of anything to blog about today.

My inspiration is stunted because I’m having one of those days. You know…you wake up, unsure of what mood you’re in, or how your day’s going to go. And then you drop the brand new family-sized bottle of Suave shampoo on your foot.

And, well…that’s that.

I thought I’d surf around today, visit all my favorite blogs, see if I felt that spark of creativity.

Nope. Nada. Not a single idea. Mostly I just felt awe for my bloggy friends, and how awesomely talented they are at this whole “blog-a-day” thing.

Which also left me feeling a little inadequate.

So I started looking for link-ups. I figure, if someone else can give me a prompt, SURELY I can come up with something worthwhile to blog about.

But alas, it seems everyone is blogging about “Back To School” today. And…well….my cats have no requirement for higher education, so that leaves me out of the loop again.

So I decided to blog about the fact that I can’t think of anything to blog about.

(That’s right. I’m a GENIUS.)

And then I had a thought. (No, it didn’t hurt. And no, that’s not smoke coming out of my ears.)

Remember those books where you could choose your own ending?


You’d read along, get to the bottom of the page, and it would say,

If you want to see Johnny reunite with his best friend, turn to page 60.

If you want to see Johnny die a horrible death-by-zombie, turn to page 46. 

If you like rainbows & unicorns, you clearly chose the wrong book, so please turn to page 98. The End. 

Well, Abby Gabbers, that gave me an idea! What if YOU chose my blog topic for ME???

No, wait, don’t leave! Let me explain!

I’m going to give you 4 options of blog topics that have been floating around in my head for a few days, and let you vote on which one you’d most like to read!!

Like American Idol, except no one gets voted off the island…or whatever.

Just leave me a comment below and tell me which blog idea intrigues you the most. I’ll post that blog on Monday of next week!

(Also, if you have additional ideas for blogs you’d like to read, I’m always open to suggestions.)

Here are your choices:

Blog Number One:  Meet Adam-a blog in which I introduce you to my little brother, and tell you all about how we used to make up the most awesome games, ever (like hanging the Barrel Full o’Monkeys from the ceiling fan, then turning it on high…)

Blog Number Two: My Most Embarrassing Moment-I’ve had a few, but the worst one…well…I don’t think I’ve ever told ANYONE. Not even my husband.

Blog Number Three: That Other Time I Was Convinced My Mother Was Going to Ban Me From the House-Another story from my childhood, with photoshop pictures and the works. And believe me when I say, this was WAY worse than the ceiling fan incident.

Blog Number Four: The Blog I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Written Yet-I’ll tell you the story of how I met and fell in love with my husband, and the creative (and adorable) way he proposed.

Ok, readers—pick your poison.

And don’t be offended if I eventually write all of these blogs.

Because I’m totally floundering for topics over here, people.

Vote, vote, vote!

8 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Blog

  1. Simoney

    ANY OR ALL!!
    Totally intrigued by your most embarrassing moment – can’t go past a blog about humiliation and egg-on-face.
    ALSO MUST write your love story.
    But then the one with all the pictures and sound effects sounds fun too…
    so I vote for THOSE THREE!!

  2. Anonymous

    you never told me how Brian proposed to you so I gotta say number four.

    Your most loving and curious sister,

    Rosie Chamberlain

  3. Walt313


  4. Stephanie

    I’ll take humiliation for 300, please! Most of my embarrassing moments involve me walking into men’s bathrooms or passing gas during yoga class. Yours are probably much more epic than mine!

  5. Brian

    It would be to self-serving of me to vote for 4, plus, i know you’ll eventually do that one. So I’m going with two, since it should be a new story for me

  6. Abby

    The tally currently stands thusly:

    Blog #1: 1 vote
    Blog #2; 5 votes
    Blog #3: 3 votes
    Blog #4: 3 votes
    Blog about my cats going to college: 1 vote

    Keep those votes a’comin!! And I’ll keep on a’tallyin’!

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