My Personal Soundtrack

The time: steamy summer of 1997.

The place: lying on the floor of my high school sweetheart’s bedroom, in a pool of sunshine.

The soundtrack: Edwin McCain’s Misguided Roses.

I fell in love that summer–with a boy who’s eyes were the color of melted chocolate. With the idea of “true love.” And with a songwriter whose words were heartbreakingly beautiful.

That first romance bloomed, and eventually died on the vine.

I traveled the road of True Love, and Broken Heart, and Never Love Again.

And that songwriter traveled with me, from high school to college to real life.

He was with me during those first moments of falling in love with my husband. He was there when we shared our first dance as husband and wife. He was there to hold me up when Brian was diagnosed with cancer last year. And he’s still with me today.

When you find a songwriter like this, whose voice reaches deep down inside and moves your soul, you tend to grab hold and hang on for dear life.

Songwriters like that can be your therapy. They can share your moments of triumph. They can buoy you up in your moments of defeat. They can make you laugh, and dance, and groove. They can make you cry, and think, and feel. They can be such a permanent fixture in your life that everyone who knows you has been touched by that songwriter, too.

Edwin McCain is that songwriter for me.

The day I met Edwin, in fall of 2006.

Each and every time Edwin releases a new album, it is a day of celebration in our house. And Brian was up extra-early this morning to ensure he had enough time to download Edwin’s latest album, Mercy Bound, for his long commute to work.

On this album is a song that will break your heart and have you jumping out of your seat at the same time. It’s called “Boom.” Edwin wrote it about his mother, who was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2010. (Video shared below for your listening pleasure.)


As you can imagine, it really hits home with us.

And as usual, my songwriter has released an album I know I’ll listen to for many years to come.

Some days I think I should write Edwin a letter and describe to him just how he’s affected my life. How his music, his story telling, his words have worked their way into the very facet of my person. I often wonder how I would articulate that to him in a way that he would understand. His music is the soundtrack of my life.

Maybe I’ll just send him a link to this blog.

If you are visiting, Edwin, I can only think of one thing to say. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

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