Battening Down the Hatches

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a giant hurricane bearing down on the East Coast even as I write this blog.

Her name….is Irene.

Under normal circumstances, us beach bums don’t get too concerned about big storms. It’s not until the weathermen start throwing out phrases like “Cat 4” and “Remember Hugo?” that we start getting nervous.

Fortunately for us, Irene took a quick turn to the North last night. Which means we on the southern coast of South Carolina are looking at nothing more than tropical storm conditions. (Heavy rain, possible hail, winds up to 40 miles an hour.)

Still, that’s nothing to shake a stick at. (I mean, you could if you wanted to, but I doubt it would amount to much.)

There’s a slight possibility we may lose power if the storm gets really heavy, and so we’re in the process this morning of making sure we have everything we need to get through Irene’s warpath.

Bottled water–check! Canned goods–check! Flashlights and batteries–check! Candles–check! Lighters–check! Radio–check!

We also have plenty of pet food, carriers in case we need to scram, and clean underwear. (Because who wants to be found floating down river in dirty underwear?)

Oh, and the most important part of hurricane preparation?

My liquor cabinet is full. Is yours?

*Hopefully we won’t lose power and I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun-filled blog. However, Irene is schedule to arrive tonight and stay awhile, so it may be Monday before you see me again. Don’t despair, readers…I’ll have my tequila bottle to keep me company.*

4 thoughts on “Battening Down the Hatches

  1. Deeanna

    I think we just may need to make a trip to SC for a little Hurricane Party. Don’t worry. We travel with out own booze, pet food & undies! lol

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