…I’m Awake. I Swear…

*Yawn.* My eyelids are getting heavy…
I’ll just close my eyes…just for a minute. No one will ever know…
*SNORT!* Huh? Wha? Whadyousay? I’m awake! I’m awake!

This has been me for the past two mornings.

Why? Well, dear readers, I’ll give you the reasons why.

Reason #1: I stopped drinking anything with caffeine in it. It seemed like a good idea on Monday, but now that it’s Tuesday and I’m barely functioning, I’m beginning to wonder why it was such a good idea in the first place.

Reason #2: Brian started back to school yesterday. Which means early alarm clocks. Which means Abby doesn’t get to sleep till 8 AM like she’s used to doing on a (mostly) regular basis. But it’s ok, because it all boils down to

Reason #3: I have started getting up an hour earlier than usual so I can workout in the mornings.

I’d cheer about Reason #3, but I just don’t have the energy.


However, I’ve finally jumped on the Zumba bandwagon. I picked up a copy of Zumba Fitness for our XBOX 360 (with Kinect). For those who may be unfamiliar (what, do you live under a rock?) Zumba is a relatively new dance workout styled to make you sweat your arse off whilst shaking it.

Here’s a little taste:

There are several things that happen to me when I play this game:

1) I sweat like a pirate who’s out of rum. Seriously. Gallon-sized buckets of sweat.

2) I smile like a fool the ENTIRE TIME. Partly because of the music, and partly because I know I LOOK like a fool the entire time.

3) I crave Mexican food. I can’t help it. One of my favorite parts of eating at a Mexican restaurant is the music in the background. I even dance in the booth. Now I’m expected to dance like a crazy woman while hearing the same tunes?

I worry about what will happen the next time we visit our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Maybe I’ll bust out some of my new Zumba moves and dance up and down the aisle to keep myself occupied.



I really want some guacamole. Stat.

4 thoughts on “…I’m Awake. I Swear…

  1. Stephanie

    So I take this to mean that your feet are healed! Yay! I’ve taken zumba classes, but I’m intrigued by the game. Too much fun! Unfortunately, our new setup in the basement (my husband’s man cave has a projector that turns the wall into a giant movie screen, as of 3 weeks ago) means that I can’t play my Wii down there anymore. wah!

  2. Abby

    Yep—feet are all healed and ready to go. I have to say that the Zumba game is pretty fun. Do I think I’d get a better workout in a class? For sure. It’s much easier to fake it within the walls of your own home.

    Hmm…that could lead to an interesting tangent…LOL

  3. The Vegetable Assassin

    Zumba is a complete bitch, dude. Did you like me, watch a demonstration of it and think a) That looks wicked cool, b) That looks kind of easy, c) I could rock that, then, when you go to try it in person, realize that a) I never realized it was possible to sweat this much while doing so little, b) Who knew I was a totally uncoordinated mess and c) Am I supposed to be shaking all my fleshy bits in different directions at the same time?

    Or was it just me? 🙁

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