Saturday Mornings

What was your favorite part of Saturday as a kid? Not having to go to school? Racing downstairs to devour your Mom’s famous flapjacks? Getting up early and heading to the fishing hole with your Dad?

Who are you kidding? You know it was the Saturday Morning Cartoons.
A few of my faves.
I’ve mentioned before my admiration for Shera. And I know I’ve outlined my husband’s love of all things robot.
This past Saturday, thanks to The Hub, I got to revisit my childhood. My husband, ever the narrow-minded child and only interested in “boy” cartoons, totally missed out on one of my all-time favorite cartoons, ever. So the time had come for me to school him on “real” cartoons.
I was obsessed with this show. And before you ask, yes, I had the dolls, too. And the Rockin’ Roadster.
Since I’ve watched a gazillion hours worth of Transformers in the years I’ve been married to my husband, it only seemed fair that he get a taste of what my childhood was like. So we settled in and watched an episode of “Jem.”
The following argument conversation took place during the commercial breaks.
B: This is terrible.
A: So’s your face.
B: It is really really terrible.
A: Whatever. It’s the coolest cartoon ever.
B: Who do you think they hired to sing this crap? Do you think they told them to be bad? Like, they’re singing off-key on purpose?
A: They’re the Misfits. Like, the Decepticons of rock n’ roll. They’re supposed to suck.
B: Oh…
Next commercial break:
B: So you really watched this as a kid?
A: Yes.
B: And you never watched Transformers?
A: No.
B: Wow. Now you know what you were missing. Your cartoons were awful.
A: Whatever. I’d rather be a rockstar than a Transformer anyday.
B: WHAAAAAAAAT? How can you….
A: (Abby interrupts) SHHHH. It’s coming back on and I’m dying to find out if the Holograms are going to figure out where the Misfits hid the master tape for their new album.
B: (pouts)
Next commercial break:
A: Because I’m a girl.
B: So? Even girls know that robots that transform into sports cars are cooler than a chick with pink hair and flashy earrings.
A: No, I don’t think so. Girls would rather be rockstars and wear awesome clothes and tour the world with their friends.
B: Awesome clothes?
A: What? Leg warmers were the height of fashion in the 80s.
B: (GAG)
As if he needs further proof, I’ve devised a simple check list of all the ways Jem is cooler than Transformers.
Seriously, Bri…you can’t argue with that.

And if you can argue with that, you can’t argue with the

I win.