Prepare Yourself For Organizational Awesomeness

If you’ve been reading Abby Gabs for long, you’re well aware of my OCD. You knew of it from the very beginning. You know how it likes to take on new forms on a regular basis. You’re aware of how it affects my party planning, shopping habits, and my enthusiasm for alphabetical order.

In case you’ve never read those posts, or are a slightly new visitor here to my blog, let me boil it down for ya, real simple like.

If you want to get me excited, let me organize something. Color coding? I’m in. Alphabetized lists? Oh yeah, baby. Need someone to de-clutter your closet? *MOAN* I am so your girl.

Taking all of this into consideration, you can imagine what creating a weekly meal plan, and subsequent grocery list, means to me.

It is easily a one-hour process. First I make a list for the days I’m shopping for—breakfast lunch and dinner. Then I take into account what nights the hubby will be dining with me, and what nights I’ll be eating alone (those nights mean I get to eat yummy things he won’t eat….like vegetables. And fish.) Then I go through all my recipes, find the ones that sound intriguing for the week, and fill in my weekly meal plan list, lickety split. I double-and-triple check to make sure all my days/meals are covered, that I’m not fixing anything Brian-unapproved on a night he’ll have to eat it, making sure I remember leftovers to be consumed as well.

Once that list is done, it goes up on the giant dry-erase board in my kitchen, so I won’t forget what I’ve spent 30 minutes planning.

Once that list is complete, I can now compile my grocery list.

For most normal people, that means jotting down the things you need for the week in whatever willy nilly manner they see fit.


Not me. My list is written in categories–by aisle–and alphabetized within each category.

Naturally, this takes me a little time, too.

So yesterday, I’m sitting at the desk, surrounded by all my planning tools. (Notebook for lists, internet open to Weight Watchers and my favorite recipes folder, Brian’s schedule…there may have been a ruler and a highlighter at the party, too….)

In the midst of my planning, my genius husband says, “I wonder if there’s an app for that?”

 *The skies open up and angels sing the Hallelujah chorus*

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the world’s most awesome app, Our Groceries.

It’s so awesome, it shoots stars and hearts at you when you open it.

For those of you who love organization as much as I do (read, fellow OCDers) you may want to take a deep breath. Because this is gonna get right pornographic here in a second.

This app is AMAZING. You can create your lists right from your phone, or on their website. Not only can you create grocery lists, you can also add an ingredient list for your favorite recipes, too. And no need to enter in each individual thing one-at-a-time. Oh no. Our Groceries allows you to enter the ENTIRE LIST, all in one fell swoop.

It’s so awesome, it’s like the fourth of July every time you use it.

Once you enter your list, you can categorize each item in whatever manner you choose. Just want an alphabetized list of all the items you need to pick up? Sure thing. How about common items first, then less common below? Alrighty.

It’s so awesome, it has it’s own squad of cheerleaders.

ORRRRR….you could be awesome like me and create categories that represent each aisle in your grocery store, and then put them in order according to how I personally like to shop said store. (That’s right. I’m awesome.)

It’s so awesome, it makes babies happy.

Yes, you heard me right. You can create your categories, then drag and drop them in the order you want them in. This, for me, equals shopping bliss.

It’s so awesome, even Mary Poppins would be impressed.

But wait! There’s more!

I’ve always wanted to say that.

This app can be shared between phones. So, if you and your spouse each have the Our Groceries app, and you create a grocery list from your laptop, he or she will have that list in their phone and can stop to pick up dinner on their way home.

WITHOUT that annoying “wait did you say ‘jeez’ or ‘cheese?” conversation!

Scenario #2: You spend 20 minutes jotting down your grocery list, grab your purse and keys and breeze out the door. As you’re parking your car in the grocery store parking lot, you realize that your list would be really helpful….if it wasn’t still on your desk at home. Never fear–Our Groceries is here!

Scenario #3: You’re out and about and think to yourself, “Dish detergent!! That’s what I keep forgetting to put on the list!” Whip out your phone, friends, and add it to you list. Voila! Instant memory aide!

Seriously, this app is worth checking out. My only complaint with it is that it’s a little too easy to accidentally check things off the list. But that was easily remedied with a little tweak of the settings. It should also be said that if you download the free app, there will be ads. However, I find them unobtrusive. If, however, you disagree, and you’re willing to pay for the app, you can download an ad-free version (which varies in price depending on your carrier.)

Finally–an app that has my attention to detail. Halle-frickin’-lujah.

I need to go, now. It’s time for me to be alone with my new favorite app.