A List Blog: 25 Things I Love About My Husband (Re-post)

There are very few people in life who can truly say that they married their best friend. I am one of those special few. This particular list has made it’s way onto many of my blogs, and I decided it was high time for it to appear here on Abby Gabs (with a few revisions.)

And so, here are just a few things I love about my wonderful friend, partner, and lover…my husband, Brian:

1. The way he serenades me with hits like “I Just Called,” and “Have I Told You Lately,” in the silliest falsetto ever. (One day I’ll get him drunk and record him singing. It would be an epic blog.)
2. The thoughtful little gifts he picks up, ranging from flowers to Hershey kisses to shower curtains with matching hooks.
3. His unabashed love affair with gummy bears (Haribo only, please.)
4. The way he sucks in his little belly, sticks out his chest, and poses legs akimbo, fists on hips…his “sexy” pose. (You have seen this very pose in my “Man Day” post.)
5. His unwavering loyalty to anything he loves: from the Carolina Panthers, to 311, from video games, to his father.
6. The way he hops on the cart in the Wal-Mart parking lot and rides it downhill until it loses momentum, never pausing as he passes an 11-year-old doing the same thing.
7. How he laughs at my jokes (and my blog,) no matter how cheesy, whether they’re funny or not.
8. The amazing love he has for my family, and the driving need he has to take care of them like he takes care of me.
My mom, Brian, and Daddy, doing a little Wii bowling.

9. The way he talks to our cats, in a sweet, baritone, baby-talk version similar to my own.

10. His desire to be a father, and his patience at waiting to become one.
11. His steadfast optimism, about everything from our future to the ability of the Panthers to make it to the Super Bowl.
12. The little game he taught me that involves him pinching my nose, and making sound effects: Beep, Honk, Woo.
13. His infatuation with anything electronic, like Best Buy has superhero magnetic powers that Brian can’t resist.
14. His willingness to share his friends with me (who then, ultimately, become my friends. Mine. All mine.) (Not really, they still love him, too.)
15. His love for humorous t-shirts, from “Body By Nintendo,” to “I’m Just One Big Frickin’ Ray of Sunshine.” My favorite, though—a Star Wars tee depicting an ATAT drinking out of a toilet, from our favorite teeshirt website, Threadless.
16. How he leaves me little notes or emails when he leaves for work on days I sleep in, that always seem to start with “Good Morning Beautiful,” or “Rise and Shine, Sleepyhead.”
17. His gorgeous, clear, magnetic blue eyes. I think they’re the color of heaven.
18. How it seems we’re both content whether we spend a day off running around town, eating out and shopping, or just cuddling under a blanket at home, unshowered, happy with reruns of Star Trek or Farscape.
19. The fact that he is busting his butt, working full time and putting himself through nursing school, so he can make our lives better. He’s conquering the world, one catheter at a time. ♥
Brian’s “Woo hoo, we got thru one whole semester” sign.
20. How when I just think he couldn’t possibly be any smarter, he bowls me over with some useless knowledge about a new subject that’s been hiding in his brain.
21. That he somehow manages to know the lyrics to every song on the radio, even the obscure, one-hit-wonders.
22. The way he posts my blog on his Facebook page, every single day. His friends and co-workers are some of my most loyal readers, and for that, I adore him.
23. That he doesn’t begrudge me my strange taste in music, or my cd collection, including New Kids on the Block, the soundtracks to “Oklahoma,” and “Aladdin,” or even my not-so-secret adoration for all-music Michael Jackson.
24. The way we seep into baby-talk, sometimes for hours at a time, and how cute he is when he’s doing it.
25. His obsession with Transformers. What can I say? I find it endearing. Mostly.

These are just a few of the things that I love so dearly about Brian. I could make a thousand lists, just like this one. I’m the luckiest woman in the world!!!

3 thoughts on “A List Blog: 25 Things I Love About My Husband (Re-post)

  1. Walt

    Sit down and buckle up. My greatest fear is that I was never around my kids enough to teach them anything, share anything. That as they grew up there would be nothing of their father in them. That somewhere along the way I had become the bio-Daddy. Thanks for this post. I showed me that Brian was paying attention more than I ever gave him credit. I marvel.

    PS: It’s technically Beep, beep, honk, honk, woo,woo. Two woos. Oma taught it to me. In German.

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