Abby Gabs: Unplugged

As previously mentioned last week on Abby Gabs, and inspired by Alex from Late Enough, I’m gonna be unplugging from reality for awhile.

My father  – and sister-in-law are coming for a visit.

(Read: Despite never leaving home and still having to work while they’re here, this is the first vacation we’ve had since 2009. WOOO!)

The true test of a writer is whether they can physically stay away from their blog for more than 24 hours. (Picture Brian dragging me away from the computer, tears streaming down my face, so we can go party like rock stars at the beach.)

Truth be told, the idea of no new blogs for an entire week leaves me a little worried. Chilled to the bone, as they say.

I’ve been having separation anxiety about it, so rather than leave you blog-less, instead, I’ve taken a page from Alex’s book and will be posting pre-written blogs all week.

Look forward to a few list blogs, a cartoon or two, and a few posts revisited.

But rest assured, readers…my mind will be solely elsewhere for 7 solid days.

Until next Tuesday, then, readers! I bid you adieu. And may you enjoy at least one margarita this week, as I’ll be enjoying many.