Conversations with my Husband: What a Difference One Letter Makes

Recently, my husband installed a new stereo in our car. This made me very happy, because now I can listen to my iPod without several hundred wires and cords hanging in my face.

This is a happy Me.

After a few days of radio bliss, the thing began to rattle. Not like a quiet, not-so-annoying rattle that made you occasionally wonder, “What is that?” But more like a loud, obnoxious “This is what makes it obvious that I’m not factory installed and ruins your enjoyment” rattle.

Brian and I have had several discussions about said rattle, but the one we had last night was relatively blog worthy, and so I’ll share it with you here.

Radio: *rattle rattle rattle*
Abby: *giant sigh*
Brian: “What’s wrong?”
Abby: “The radio. She rattles.”
Brian: “Yeah, I know.”
Abby: “It’s really frickin’ annoying.”
Brian: “Yeah, I know.”
Abby: “Why is it rattling?”
Brian: “I think it’s this little bit of flimsy plastic here.”

Abby: “Well I hate it.”
Brian: “I know, me too.”
Radio: *rattle rattle rattle*
Abby: “I bet you’re wishing you’d had it professionally installed now, huh?”
Brian: “Not really. It’s just that little bit of plastic that’s making the noise.”
Abby: “Well, it’s evil. It’s an evil radio.”

Brian: *snort*
Radio: *rattle rattle rattle*
Abby: “Seriously, can you fix it?”
Brian: “Maybe.”
Abby: “Maybe you can wedge something in there…like a piece of paper or cardboard or something. You know, like a shiv.”
Brian: ….  …..  ……
Abby: “Oh, no, wait…a shiv is what you use to kill someone in prison. I meant a shim.”
Brian: *ten minutes of insane laughter followed by…* “Oh what a difference a letter makes.”

To recap: you’d better watch out, evil car radio. I’m coming for you.

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