I Like Good TV, Too.

I’ve told you all about my favorite TV shows (no longer on the air.) I’ve explained to you our love affair for all bad TV. And I’ve even re-enacted an episode of my favorite bad TV show.

Today, I want to change things up a bit.

Today, Abby Gabs readers, I’m going to share with you the thing I love most about summer. (Aside from watermelon and the beach.)

There are 3…yes 3…TV shows that make summer worth waiting for. In the throes of deepest winter (which in SC means we have to wear real shoes, not flip flops) I long for these shows. When warm weather rolls around, and regular season TV is coming to an end, do I mourn?

Nay, good readers.

I dance a jig at the thought that these 3 shows will be premiering soon. And that my week nights are getting ready to be MOST entertaining.

Dying to know what those shows are yet, Reader? Well, let me tell you all about them.

Show #3: America’s Got Talent
I used to be a major reality show junky. Back in the beginning, I was hooked on them all: Survivor, The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway. In the end, I discarded them all. These formula shows are always the same: someone gets in a fight, someone hates someone else, someone has a tragic and sad background, someone says something outrageous, and then someone gets sent home.

But one of two glowing examples (the second one coming up later in this countdown) are the exceptions to the rule.

I find AGT to be ENDLESSLY entertaining. I’m partial to the audition process of this show as opposed to the live shows, personally…and here’s why:

In short: You NEVER KNOW what you’re going to get. I’ve seen 70+ year olds tap-dancing, 4 year olds break-dancing, and a male pole dancer. There are singers, bands, magicians, knife swallowers, and acrobats. In truth, the bad auditions are JUST as entertaining as the good ones. It was Terry Fator that made me a fan of the show–and with the addition of Howie Mandel as a judge, and Nick Cannon as the MC—I’m officially adding this to my Summer Favorites list.

Show #2: True Blood:
Friends, a word to the wise. If you have never seen True Blood, watch it. Don’t have HBO? Order it. Or if you don’t want to do that, Netflix season 1. I guarantee, by the end of the first episode, you’ll have your cable provider on the phone.

Having to wait from August to June every year for this show to come back on is EXCRUTIATING. I’ve even taken to reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, written by Charlaine Harris, just to get my True Blood fix. This show is funny, witty, bizarre, gory, and definitely rated M for mature.

The thing that makes this show SO compelling, and I think most fans will agree with me, are the plot twists. Every single episodes ends in such an abrupt manner, you’re left mouth agape, wanting more.

Now, I’d love to give you a few videos to watch so I could get you hooked, but let’s just say that I couldn’t find one remotely PG enough to put on my blog. So, I’ll tell you about my favorite characters instead.  (Choosing my favorite characters was really hard, so be appreciative, ok? It took me an hour to choose just three.)

First up, Lafayette:

I love Lafayette for three reasons. Number one: He’s hilarious. His sarcastic humor is exactly what I find to be funny. Number two: He’s 100% comfortable being a flamboyantly gay, sometimes cross-dressing, drug dealing line cook. I love his confidence. And number three: He is, hands down, the most quotable character on the show. The one that has worked its way into my everyday vocabulary? (And please excuse the curse word…)

“If she talked anymore shit, she’d look like a turd.”


Favorite Character Number Two: Jason Stackhouse

He’s gorgeous. But he’s dumber than a box of rocks. He’s always confused. He never says the right thing. And he always follows his brain (the one located south of his belly button.) And that’s why I love Jason Stackhouse.

Favorite Character Number 3: Eric Northman

*Drool.* No other explanation needed.

I’m just now noticing that all my favorite characters are men. There are women on this show, too, I swear. I love Tara. And Arlene is a hoot. And let’s not forget about Sookie….ok, I’d better move on before this turns into a True Blood blog.

Show #1: So You Think You Can Dance:
This is my favorite. Show. Ever. (Except for Buffy.)  I always record every episode, so I can watch the really great routines over and over again. I’ve watched every single season, and I can tell you my favorite dancers, my favorite choreographers, and my favorite routines from all 7 of them (and a few from this season, too.) I discuss this show at length with my friends and family, and look forward to it all year long.

When I’m really in the mood for the show, but it’s still months away, I turn to YouTube for comfort. There you’ll find a treasure trove of the best SYTYCD moments, saved for posterity (and rabid fans of the show, like me.)

Even harder than choosing my favorite 3 True Blood characters will be choosing 3 clips of my favorite routines, but I will try.

I had a serious love affair with Season 2. I’m SURE there have been dances since then…and Lacey/Neil were Season 3….but Season 2 was my favorite.

And I could’ve put up 10 more videos, for your information.

And I’d also like to note that there were several videos in line ahead of a few of these….but I couldn’t find them, or they were crappy quality, or I couldn’t share them (for some stupid reason.)

And I’m realizing now, as this blog comes to a close, that this all may not be your cup of tea. But rest assured, I had a wonderful time researching it as it was being written. :0)