Holiday Weekend

This coming Monday is Independence Day.

(You know…fireworks, cookouts, terrible traffic and insufferable heat?)

Weekends like this are reserved for only the most special circumstances.

Cookouts in the back yard while the dogs chase each other and the kids play in the sprinkler.

Festive cakes.

Recipe HERE.

Waiting patiently for the fire department to arrive when your neighbor, who thinks himself a pyrotechnic engineer, sets his yard on fire. (Yes, that has actually happened to us.)

Most importantly, weekends like this are reserved for family.

So, I’m gonna go spend my weekend with my most favorite people in the world.

And I promise to take a camera, a notepad, and my brain along with me so that, if inspiration for AbbyGabs strikes, I’ll be prepared.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! See ya on Tuesday!