Thank You For Choosing Abby Gabs Air

If I had a kazillion dollars, the first thing I would purchase would be my own private jet.

Sure, it would be terrific to have one so we could travel the world. We could see Greece by day, and dine in Venice by night. We could flit off to the Virgin Islands at a moment’s notice. Can you imagine—Abby and Brian as jetsetters?

These two goobers in funny hats? Well, I didn’t say “sophisticated” jetsetters, did I?

The problem is that I have friends.

Wait. Rewind and rephrase.

The problem is that I have so many friends (and family) who live so far away. And acquiring a jet would solve that problem.

If I had my own private jet, I could fly to North Carolina and have dinner with my college roomie, Jenna, and her beautiful family. I could then jaunt over to Nevada and spend a week or two with my witty and handsome (you’re welcome, Walt) father-in-law and spoil my little-sister-in-law, Rosie. After Vegas I could make a quick stop in San Diego to (finally) meet Deepak’s lovely wife Sarah, and I’m sure a glass bottle of wine would be shared by all. Then I’d head to Louisiana, where I could spend some much needed time with my best friend, Heather, and her family. I could spoil her kids rotten, have some much-needed girl time, and see the sights around her town. Next, I’d head on up to Maryland, pick up my oldest friend, Becca, and we’d head on up to NYC. We’d take in a show, do LOTS of shopping, and maybe meet a celebrity. Finally, to wind down, I’d spend some time with Brian’s Aunt Tina and Uncle Paul in quiet Pamlico County, NC. A little RNR in the wilderness, some quiet reading time on their side porch, long, comfortable conversations over dinner. And, well-rested and feeling loved, I’d head back to Charleston, SC.

Sounds fun, right?

Best. Vacation. Ever.

But more importantly, if a friend needed me, I could be there. There instead of here.

If Jenna was having a bad day and just needed someone to help her wash dishes, I could be there.

If Heather needed someone to lean on while she was going through a scary situation, I could be there.

If Becca needed to blow off some steam to ease the stress from work, I could be there.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter and smart phones are all grand things. I wouldn’t want to live without them. But it would be SO MUCH BETTER if I could just grab a bag, hit the tarmac, and be physically present in my friends’ lives.

So…who wants to donate to the “Abby Wants a Private Jet” fund? Cuz I don’t have a kazillion dollars.


One thought on “Thank You For Choosing Abby Gabs Air

  1. Maddog

    Yeah, I totally agree. I’ve got friends splattered all over the world. Right now I have an invitation to go to Germany. Um… I just have to find the time.

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