A Poem. By Abby.

There’s one thing – one thing only- that can battle waves of heat.
It comes in many flavors, it’s my favorite summer treat.
Nay, I speak not of melon nor tomatoes from the vine.
This treat of which I speak of can be yours as it is mine.
From cool and friendly Vermont does this treat originate.
It comes on trucks of happiness to all the other states.
In little tubs of goodness, this delightful dish is found
(But if I had my way I’d rather buy it buy the pound.)
So if you haven’t guessed by now my ideal meal of choice,
Then I will simply tell you in my most excited voice.
It’s ice cream, silly reader! Do not act like you’re surprised!
But it’s not just any ice cream that can win this lofty prize.
You see, there are these fellows who love ice cream, just like me.
There’s one who’s known as Benjamin; his friend is named Jerry.
They got the bright idea one day to add some yummy things
Like cookie dough and brownie bits right into their ice cream.
Their names are always funny, these boys seem to have the knack:
“Chubby Hubby,” “Chunky Monkey,” and the yummy “Late Night Snack.
Do you have a pen and paper? Are you jotting these names down?
For the next time you go shopping, or make a quick jaunt into town?
If you’re looking for a summer treat to rival all the rest,
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the super-dooper best.
Yes, there are a hundred flavors, each one special on it’s own.
But each and everyone one is great–in a bowl or in a cone.
**Abby takes a bow.**