Introducing: The Bringer

A thought occurred to me yesterday while I sat with my rear in the sand and my feet in the surf.

“Abby,” I thought to myself, “PMS sucks.”

Yes, it’s true, friends. Along with the bloating and the headaches and the cramping and the general discomfort of this medical phenomenon also comes the delightful mood swings. It’s like there’s a monthly Bringer Of Bipolar-ness.

What? Need a visual? Sure, no problem.

You’re welcome.

One minute, you’re sitting in the sunshine, enjoying the scenery, thinking of how lucky you are to live so close that you can visit the beach twice a week…

And then, WHAM-O, the Bringer waves his nasty little Wand of Evil and you’re immediately irritated at the parents allowing their child to feed the seagulls/person who sets up their umbrella so it blocks your view of the water/sand that has managed to take up permanent residence in your eye.

A few minutes later, you realize that Mother Nature has sent you the Bringer sans bow, and you shrug off that overwhelming feeling of “kill, KILL, KILLLLL!!!”

For one week (if you’re lucky) a month, the Bringer will affect every single moment of your life. He’ll show up in your daily encounters with friends, family, and pets.

This is what a “Feed Me Now, Human” campaign looks like.

The Bringer is with you in your car, as you drive home from

Worst of all, he shows up when I’m writing my blog.

Stupid PMS Bringer. Let’s throw things at him, shall we?