To-Do List Update

For those who have been keeping tabs with me on Facebook, or who have noticed the tab above titled “My Big To-Do List,” you’ll know all about my “30 Before 30” list.

And for those who read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I turned 30 a little over a week ago.

Well, friends, I’m here to say that, in less than 6 months, I managed to check 25 things off of my list!

Considering the time frame I gave myself, as well as a few road blocks that came up along the way, I’m pretty satisfied with my score.

However, the OCD kicked in approximately 2 days before my birthday, when I realized that a few of the items were inevitably going to be left un-checked. (There may have been hives. Possibly a panic attack. But there’s no photographic evidence, so it’s hard to say.)

And so, in the spirit of fun (and the need to actually complete a list this time) I’ve created a NEW list: “30 Things to Do WHILE I’m 30.” 


I’ve added this list to the tab above, and I’m planning on adding it to Facebook as well. As with the other list, I plan to take pictures of my journey so, by the end of the year, I’ll have digital proof of my accomplishments. Some of these tasks will be harder than others (giving blood, as I’m terrified of needles. And the children’s book thing—can you say EEK?) However, I have a whole year to complete this list. And I’m 100% committed to finishing it!!

My OCD commands it.