An AbbyGabs Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess.

Just go with me, here. Ok?

This beautiful princess had everything she ever wanted. She lived in a big castle in a beautiful land. She had the love of her subjects, and the love of a handsome, robust prince. She wrote a beautiful blog every single day, and she loved sharing her creativity and humor with the world.

Please look closely at this photo. It’s hilarious.

One morning, the beautiful princess awoke to the sound of birdsong, stretched in her fluffy white bed, and smiled as she booted up her magical computer. As her fingers hovered over the keyboard, the princess took a deep breath and wondered what she would write about that day. Usually, ideas for her blog just popped right into her head. They were always funny, sarcastic, and witty, and never did the princess hesitate before clicking “Publish.”

But on this day, no ideas came to the princess. What would she write about? She thought and thought and thought, and still she could think of nothing to write about. She lit candles, practiced some Royal Yoga, drank a cup of coffee, paced back and forth…and after hours of pondering blog topics, the princess still felt as if her brain were void of all things funny.

The princess had never felt so sad. She sat down in her beautiful room in her beautiful castle, looked upon her magical computer and her beautiful, yet empty, blog, and cried.

The princess cried and cried and cried. What ever would she do? She MUST think of something to write about! But her brain was completely empty.

Suddenly, the princess heard a  sound, and as she looked up, she came face to face with her Fairy Blog Father.

“Don’t weep, Princess,” said the Fairy Blog Father. “You have nothing to be ashamed of, my dear.”

“But, Fairy Blog Father,” sobbed the princess, “I love my blog! And it must be funny! I have so many people who count on me for their daily chortle! Whatever will I do?”

The Fairy Blog Father patted the princess on the head and said, “Silly child. Do what you do! Write what you write! Create silly pictures and write what you know!”

And with that, “POOF!” The Fairy Blog Father disappeared.

The princess thought hard about what her Blog Father had said. She pondered and paced and wondered. And then her eyes landed upon her Regal Shelf of Disney Movies.

And an idea for a blog popped into her brain.

As the princess sat down at her magical computer and her fingers began to type away at the keys, she smiled. And hoped this was the last day she would suffer from writer’s block.