A New Path For Me

In case you missed it in yesterday’s tequila-induced confusion, I got an Amazon Kindle for my birthday.

Three things:

1) I was never really on board with the whole e-reader thing until a thought occurred to me. That thought: “I could have any book I want at the push of a button, instantly. Ooooh…that’s intriguing.”

2) Never in a million years would I have guessed they were THAT THIN. Seriously. It weighs less than my phone.

3) Sure, they tell you that the screen looks just like the page of a book and that you can see it even in the strongest sunlight. Pshaw, I said. Well, they weren’t lying. The screen is AMAZING.

For the record, I will still buy books. So, purists, never fear. I was in your shoes less than a month ago. My passion for all things book related (how they smell, how they feel, how they look, the satisfaction of turning down the page, etc…) still burns bright. My favorite authors have nothing to be afraid of, I will still buy their books in actual book form.

There’s a very simple reason behind this line of thinking: I’m a re-reader. There are books on my shelf that have been replaced more than once because they’ve been read so many times that tape wasn’t holding the binding together anymore. And there’s something celebratory about loving a book so much you can’t wait to pass it on to a friend.

But when it comes right down to it, the REAL thing I love about books are the contents. Words. Language. Imagery. The good ones suck you in so that you don’t even feel the chair you’re sitting in anymore. The transport you into the story line. They are rich and delicious and heady.

And as I’m a less-than-patient person, I can now experience that with just the touch of a button. (Hooray for instant gratification!)

And this gift came just in time, too. My bloggy friend, Simoney, has her very own book club (it’s a linky! So come join!) I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get to the bookstore to pick up June’s book, “Novel About My Wife” by Emily Perkins, and time just keeps getting away from me. It’s already more than halfway through the month, and I’ve gotta get cracking so I can write a review on the first of July!!! (Fortunately I’m a fast reader. And I have no life. And I can probably read more than half of it on a good Wednesday beach trip. Just sayin’.)

So, this is a new path for me. As a lifelong avid reader, and hopeful writer, it will be interesting to see how technology changes the way I read.

Now, how the hell do I turn this thing on?