Yesterday was my Re-Birthday.

The first half of the day was my Weekly Wednesday trip to the beach.

This involved sun, sand, water, good food and quality time with a special (yet camera-shy) friend.

The second half of my Re-Birthday was spent at our favorite local Mexican restaurant with our favorite group of friends.

This involved margaritas, laughter, margaritas, great food, margaritas, a surprise birthday gift from the gang (a Kindle!!!), margaritas, a delicious chocolate birthday cake, margaritas, a silver crown for the birthday queen, margaritas, and a few tequila shooters.

Linda, Mimi and Brian.
Me, Ray, Sam, my goofy Daddy, and Brian’s left arm.

This self portrait, taken in the car on the way home, should explain why this is the end of today’s blog.

Did I mention margaritas? Ok, just checkin’.