Conversations with My Husband: Man Day

In the throes of birthday celebration last night, my husband and I came to the decision that we wanted to install a new car radio. In our excitement, we proceeded to our favorite store, purchased said car radio, mounting kit, and appropriate wires.

My husband, who currently works in a predominately female profession (restaurant business) and is also studying to begin a career in a totally different predominately female profession (nurse), is practically foaming at the mouth with delight. Finally, a project he can sink his teeth into that screams “I am man, hear me roar.”

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, my husband turns to me and says:

B: So I guess tomorrow is going to be a MAN DAY.
A: A man day?
B: No, a MAN DAY.

(In order to get the inflection right, drop your voice approximately 4 octaves, stand with legs akimbo, hands on hips, drop chin to chest, and draw out your vowel sounds. MAAAAAAN DAAAAAY.)

Amused, I asked him what MAN DAY entails.

B: Well, first of all I’m going to mow the grass.
A: Because that’s manly?
B: Absolutely. Maybe I’ll do it bare-chested.
A: Clutching a dagger between your teeth?
B: Well, no, but that would make it manlier.
A: What else constitutes MAN DAY?

Keep in mind, reader, that every time we use the phrase MAN DAY, we say it like I outlined above. MAAAAN DAAAAY.

So anyway, I had just asked him what other manly plans he had, and he responded:

B: I’m going to install this car radio.
A: I’ll agree, that’s a pretty manly task.
B: Yes it is. And then I’m going to fix that door knob.
A: The one that’s been missing for 2 weeks since it broke and I had to pull it out of the door with pliers?
B: Yes. That door knob. I’m going to take out my tool belt, rev up my power tools, and fix that door knob because it’s MANLY.

At this point I’m giggling like a crazy woman. As the laughter dies down I turn to him and ask:

A: Any other plans for MAN DAY?
B: (long pause as he considers….) I don’t know. Do we have any heavy furniture you want me to move?

I love this (manly)man.

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