They Say Dreams Do Come True…

So, it’s official, AbbyGabs readers.

I. Am. 30.

I thought it would a slow day. Quiet. Maybe there would be some melancholy. I thought I’d spend the day reminiscing about my childhood. Perhaps waxing poetic about getting older and following your dreams, etc etc.

Instead, I’ve been showered with love from friends on Facebook. And Twitter.

I got an awesome insulated beach bag from the hubs:

Which wasn’t empty…

And I was surprised to find my perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, inside:

There was also this mystery package:

Which is apparently from the hubby and my friends, Sam, Ray and Mimi. Apparently, I’m supposed to wait and open it at my birthday dinner on Wednesday. And also, it’s apparently NOT what I asked for:

(I love my husband’s sense of humor. *Giggle.*)



For today, in the Twitterverse, mine did.

(Pause for appropriate reactions, including squeals, shouts, screams, and possible fainting.)

Granted, he spelled my name wrong. However, he MORE than made up for it with 11 exclamation points.

That’s right, I counted.

For the first few minutes I was TOTALLY in shock. I even sent him a tweet back:

Immediately followed by a less than G-rated Tweet (sorry Mommies):


Then I pulled out my video camera. You knew this was coming.

Let it be said that this moment wouldn’t have been possible without some serious Tweet-conscious friends. A major shout out to my pal, and DonniePinata creator, Kristin, who’s been in this with me since the beginning. And to my friend, Tina, who jumped in with both feet despite her lack-of-Twitter-knowledge and helped us secure the birthday wish for yours truly. Thanks, girls, I owe ya BIG time.

And with that, dear friends, my Donnie Wahlberg experience has come full circle. Some have suggested he may be willing to jump out of a cake for me. I, however, am completely satisfied with a little DW love on my big day.


Do they make cakes big enough for all the New Kids to fit into? Cuz THAT would be EPIC.