Birthday Woes Clarification

I had so many uplifting, positive responses to yesterday’s blog! Thanks to all my readers who commented, emailed, and left Facebook messages. Truly, it warms my heart to know I have so many beautiful, talented, strong women (and a few very special men) who follow AbbyGabs and feel compelled to leave behind nuggets of wisdom for me to consume.

However, I do believe I need to clarify one little thing.

I’m not wigging out about turning 30 because I’m afraid of getting older.


No, I’m not kidding.

I know it may not seem that way, but in actuality, I’m a firm believer that you’re as young as you feel. And you people READ my blog, so you know that most of the time, I have the mindset of a 10-year-old.

If you’ve been reading AbbyGabs for long, you’ll know I have a penchant for lists. I love everything about list-making: getting my thoughts organized and in order, having a visual reminder of the accomplishments set forth, the action of checking things off when I’ve completed them. So far, on this blog, there has been a list of my favorite TV shows, a list depicting the soundtrack of my life, and a list of my favorite bloggers. I write lists to help me settle scores, and lists of stuff I don’t need. I even make lists just because I like lists.

When I was a teenager, I had another list. A list of things I knew I’d accomplish before I turned 30. I’d be married to the love of my life, who’d be 100% supportive of my career as a published author. We’d live in a cute little house near the sea, with a vegetable garden, a recycling bin, and a farmer’s market nearby. And we’d have 2 gorgeous, rosy-cheeked children with golden curls who were destined to be the next president/famous dancer/world philanthropist.

Granted, there’s one giant, red check mark next to item number one. And I’m grateful for him every single day.

But the rest? Not so much.

The truth is, I’m still busy working out all the kinks in life. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I’m still busy dreaming about the day when I’ll finally become a mother. I’m still floundering in the world of writing, dreaming my pipe dream, hoping it will come true.

So, friends, I don’t really worry about grey hair and wrinkles and arthritis (much). I joke about it on the surface because it heals the ache in me that hasn’t been filled yet.

So in the days leading up to my birthday, I’ve decided to write a new list, just for you. Since I’m already getting the world’s coolest birthday present (my Donnie Wahlberg pinata, courtesy of my bestie bloggy friend, Kristin,) I thought I’d give you a few more items to choose from, in case you’d like to send me a gift.

Top 10 Things I Want for My 30th Birthday:

10. A birthday sombrero. Why? Because it looks like fun. And it will go well with my Donnie Pinata.

9. Something sparkly.

8. A book deal. Calling all publishers! I’ve got ideas out the wazoo!

7. A puppy. Awwwww! (My cats would be thrilled.)

6. That cute little house near the sea I mentioned? Yeah, that. I want that.

5. A vacation. Doesn’t have to be anywhere super-fancy, although Italy would be nice.

4. A car. Only requirement: fuel efficiency. I’m particularly fond of the Chevy Cruze Eco.

3. Tickets to a “NKOTBSB” concert. And back stage passes. And a ticket to the after party so I can hug Donnie Wahlberg.

2. Perfume. I think “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs could be my new signature scent.

1. World Peace. (Seriously, did you think this list could end any other way?)


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