The Wahlberg Obsession Continues…

If you’re new to the blog, I’d like to welcome you to my Donnie Wahlberg obsession. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

It all started way back in 1988, when I became one of a squillion New Kids on the Block fans. Fast forward through 12 tons of New Kids paraphernalia, making out with Jordan Knight posters, and summer evening concerts to the tune of “Step by Step,” all the way to the summer of 2008. The New Kids reunited and released the album, The Block. And I was immediately reverted back to a squealing, overly-excited tween.

My childhood crush on Donnie Wahlberg steadily grew into a full-blown obsession. In February of 2011, AbbyGabs was born, and the Donnie Wahlberg obsession became a blog phenomenon. It all started when I wished for a do-over button — and with that one mention of my secret celebrity boyfriend, we were off to the races.

Donnie started cropping up in my blog on a regular basis. First it was just in reference to my general adoration for him. Then came Twitter. Hearing from him on a daily basis sent my obsession into orbit, resulting in blogs about Donnie dreams I was having, and maintaining my marriage while quietly stalking him on Twitter.

Finally, in my most recent brush with fame, the object of my obsession began following me on Twitter. And with that opened can of worms, the Full-Blown Comprehensive Donnie Wahlberg Campaign began.

In the last few days, my Twitter stalking of Mr. Wahlberg has taken on a feverish pitch. For example, on Tuesday evening, Donnie tweeted the following:

(For those unfamiliar with Twitter, the most recent post is at the top. Which means, for it to make sense, read the last post first.)
Never one to let an opportunity to pass by, I tweeted the following responses:
And for your viewing pleasure, the profile pic in question:
You’re Welcome.
At some point yesterday, I realized that my stalking has turned into a full-blown hobby: I stalk him from my phone to the point of draining the battery every day by 3:00. When my phone battery dies, I stalk him on the laptop until THAT battery dies.
And let’s not talk about how often I’m sitting at the desktop. On Twitter. Reading Donnie’s tweets.
But  the saddest part of it all: despite the fact that my husband knows about my Twitter Stalking, and even though I TRY to keep that stalking to a minimum when he’s at home, I still find myself drawn to the computer to see if Donnie’s online…even when Brian is here.
Which inspired me to make the following short film. Enjoy.


(Can’t see the movie? Go here: