I’ve Still Got Sand in My Shoes

Yesterday. Was. Magical.

Just me, the sand, the sun and the surf.

It served as a reminder:

1) Days in the sunshine are delicious.
2) The Atlantic Ocean is still, in fact, there. (It had been so long, I was beginning to wonder.)
3) SPF 50 is a slight exaggeration, especially when your skin is normally the color of skim milk.

Perhaps next Wednesday, I’ll use SPF 1,000. (Or maybe I’ll wear a tarp. A tent. A burka?)

The spot from which I blogged yesterday.

I spent the first 45 minutes of my beach trip snapping pictures, playing with camera angles and sunlight and framing…

A path into the sea
Sun rising on my Perfect Day

I kicked those insecurity beasties and took a few self-portaits as well:

…with wild flowers in her hair…
…she watched the tide roll in…

I spent the rest of my day swimming, reapplying sunscreen, reading, reapplying sunscreen, sleeping, reapplying sunscreen, and tweeting (more on that tomorrow).

I had such a wonderful day, I’m thinking of making it a weekly ritual. Can you take more seashore-sent blogs every Wednesday of the summer, readers?

I promise not to rub it in too much.

And to spend each Wednesday filled with gratitude for having sandy toes.