Twitter Milestones

Meet Kristin.

And her 2 girls, Allison and Emily.

Kristin is my bestest friend from Blogland. We have never actually met in person, or even spoken on the phone, but when I first found myself on Kristin’s blog, “My Art and the Mom in Me,” I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. She’s a crafter, a fellow Etsian (her shop, ArtByKristin, is a must see), and she laughs at my jokes (a requirement of all my friends).

Our friendship bloomed through comments, then emails, then Facebook and Twitter.  We support each other’s Etsy shops (Kristin owns a pair of Simply Charming earrings, and I own a beautiful glass collage she made just for me). Rarely do I post a blog that Kristin doesn’t comment on, and the same goes for me.
While we’ve never had the pleasure to meet in “real life,” I have a sneaking suspicion that if we ever got together, it would be an afternoon of coffee, laughter, and the best kind of girlfriend time you can imagine.
So, yesterday, Kristin blogged about an adorable Tinkerbell pinata she made for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. As is my usual blogger M/O, I left a comment.
I expected a chuckle, and a witty comeback. I thought we’d share a laugh and move on. But about 5 minutes later I got a message on my Facebook profile from Kristin.
Yes, that says 34 comments.
It all started innocently enough…just two friends cracking jokes, being silly, sharing an amusing conversation…

But when you play the Twitter card, things get serious.

In a matter of milliseconds, it went from tweeting screen captures of our Facebook conversation to hashtags, compulsive Wahlberg stalking, and a full-out Donnie Pinata Campaign.

Before you knew it, Kristin had started using the hashtag DonniePinata, and we were off to the races. Our objective: get permission from the man himself for use of his picture on my birthday pinata (as long as I promised not to dent his face.)

I campaigned my little heart out, hoping for a smile, a twitter hug (Donnie’s fans know them as TWUGs), or just some small token of recognition from my favorite New Kid…

Kristin was right there by my side, at one point pleading with my Favorite Tweet of the Day:

This one made me snort. Seriously.


In the midst of our Donnie Pinata campaign, Donnie started tweeting. My response went something like this:


Between the two of us, we managed to tweet about 47 times in approximately 30 seconds. And as I was in the middle of tweet #48, I looked up and, to my utter amazement and delight, I see this:


My heart dropped into my stomach. I stopped breathing. My hands got really sweaty. And I will admit it to you, dear reader…

I just about peed in my britches.

And then….


I took my glee with me to Facebook:

Let’s not even talk about the 138 text messages I sent to my husband.

The truth is, I’ll probably never meet Donnie Wahlberg. As much as I want to, I’ll probably never get to see the New Kids on tour or go on one of their summer cruises. I know I’m one of a squillion girls who Twitterstalk Donnie to the point (I’m sure) of frustration. But that he took a second out of his busy, glamorous life just to click “follow” under my name….

Well, that just makes me love him that much more.

And the best part of all this? My pinata isn’t even HERE yet. Who KNOWS what will happen when I actually get it!

Did I mention he was my 101st follower? Right…that was the other milestone. One hundred followers on Twitter. But it seems less important, in the grand scheme of things.

PS: Honey, as much as I adore you, and you know I do, I think this goes in the “W” column for Donnie…

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