The Sound Track Of My Life

I recently had an encounter with a customer who’s first name is “Cleavon.”

No I’m not making it up. And he was a really nice guy.
However, anytime his name comes up–in conversation, in paperwork, in person–I immediately hear Steven Tyler in my head.
Except, instead of “Dream on, Dream on” he’s wailing “Clea-von, Clea-von…”

I can’t for sure how often this has happened, but I noticed myself humming “Dream On” again this morning as I placed a stamp on Cleavon’s monthly invoice. It’s probably happened every single time I’ve ever encountered the guy, but today, my brain clicked in place (it’s a rarity) and I thought, “Huh. I wonder how often I do that with other stuff.”

So I sat down and thought about it. And chuckled as more examples of what I’ll call “sound track” songs popped into my head. Songs that I’m reminded of in the most obscure, usually unrelated ways.

For instance, anytime I hear a harmonica in ANY context, I will hum Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” for the next 12 days, guaranteed.

And once this song is in my head, it’s going to stay there for a very, very, VERY long time.

I’m also assuming that any other people from my generation automatically think “Collaborate and listen,” anytime someone says the word, “Stop!”

If you were alive in 1990, and you had a radio, you know all the words to this song. Or most of them. Or at least the first verse.

Now, as a cat-mom, I know that cats make lots of different noises. “Waow,” and “meeeh” and “rawr” are those I hear most often. But every once in awhile, I’ll hear that perfectly enunciated “meow” and this pops into my head:

And as I’m walking around the house singing the little ditty, my cats (and husband) look at me as though I’ve developed some sort of mental disorder.

Out of all of these songs, though, the one I sing every day is prompted by an item listed in my Google Chrome Favorite’s Bar. Every time I open up my browser, I see this:

…and start singing this:

Except in my head it goes: “My favorite blogs….woooaaah, they’re my favorite blogs. (deep voice) Don’t You Know…”

And to answer your question before you even ask it….yes, sometimes I even do the dance moves.