Settling a Score

There’s a new four-letter word in our house. Apparently, it starts with the letter D. And ends with -onnie Wahlberg.

Let me say, for the record, that while I do love some Donnie Wahlberg, I flat-out ADORE my husband.

However, I believe he’s started feeling threatened by my increased infatuation with the New Kid and Blue Bloods star. The clues were small at first…a raised eyebrow at a mention of Donnie in my blog, eye-rolling at a new photoshopped photo of me with the Don, a passing remark that didn’t quite compute but was meant to sink in.

Then he stopped being indirect about the whole thing and just let me know, in no uncertain terms, how he was feeling.

B: So. You blogged about HIM again, huh?
A: Him? Who?
B: HIM. Donnie Wahlberg.
A: Oh. I may have mentioned him, sure. Why?
B: Mentioned? You wrote an entire blog about a dream you had about HIM hugging you.
A: Aw, honey. Are you feeling jealous?

In yesterday’s post, I created a photoshopped image that included some of my favorite Twitter stalkees. Donnie was, naturally, included in that image. When Brian shared my blog on his Facebook page (as he dutifully does every day, because he’s a wonderful husband and I love him SO!) THIS is what it looked like:

(I know he just misspelled Donnie’s name to irk me.)

At any rate, I decided that, if he’s going to take score, he should at least have an accurate count. So here, honey, are a couple of lists that will help you take stock of the Donnie versus Brian phenomenon.

Posts That Have Appeared on AbbyGabs That Are About My Husband (IE: he is mentioned at least once, written about in a flattering manner, referred to as a “Genius” and/or treated like the god he is):
1. I Like Lists
2. Here’s The Thing About Valentine’s Day
3. A Funny Story (At My Husband’s Expense)
4. Love Expressions
5. My Husband Picked Today’s Blog Topic
6. I’m Not a Cat Burglar…
7. Failure Is Not An Option…Unless It’s A Reality
8. My Husband Is a Lurker
9. The Best Advice I Ever Received
10. The Post My Husband Has Been Waiting For

Remember this, honey?

11. I’m Not Good At April Fools Day
12. Comparisons
13. My OCD Takes a New Form
14. The Elephant In Our Living Room
15. Our Television Watching Habits Are Questionable
16. A Post For Brian
17. A Post For Brian, Part Deux

How about this one, dear?

18. Pants Are Bad!
19. Conversation With My Husband
20. Spending Hours In Front of the Mirror Doesn’t Make Me Vain

**I would like to point out that this list is ONLY comprised of blogs in which my husband is written about in a significant manner. If I had listed every blog he is even *mentioned* in, we would have an even larger number.**

Posts That Have Appeared On AbbyGabs That Are About Donnie Wahlberg (IE: THIS list comprises of every single post in which his name is used, whether the blog is about him or not.)
1. I’m Only Slightly OCD. Ok, So Maybe I’m OCD. Ah, hell. I’m SO OCD. (*While Donnie’s name is not mentioned in this blog, his picture is depicted in the New Kids poster photoshopped on the wall. So, this counts.)
2. Let’s Pretend We’re 8 Again
3. Thursday Grab Bag (mention only)
4. People I Envy the Most
5. Random Things I Often Wonder About
6. Comparisons
7. Childhood Memories (*Again, he’s just in the poster on the wall.)
8. The Most Amazing Dream, Ever
9. Twitter Confuses Me

So, if my math is correct, that would bring the current score to:

I think I’ve made my case.

5 thoughts on “Settling a Score

  1. Abby

    Gasp!! Donnie is a member of the popular 90s boy band, The New Kids on the Block. He’s been in several movies, including The Sixth Sense and HBO’s mini series Band of Brothers. Now he’s starring in the hit drama Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck. Also, he’s my current obsession.

    I really do love my husband!!!

  2. BeadedTail

    How funny! I’m glad your husband won the blog post battle. Maybe Donnie is getting Google alerts and finding out about this scorecard and stops by your house to congratulate your husband in person for winning! Wouldn’t that be interesting!

  3. Jenna

    I don’t know; I think it might have been better to keep him distracted with Donnie so he wouldn’t catch on to the real threat … Bert and Ernie.

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