A Comedian I’m Not (Always)

Yesterday’s post was NOT funny.

I tried to make it funny, but it just wasn’t funny. It felt forced.

I’ve had “My Funny” leave me only once before while writing Abby Gabs, and I managed to turn it into a relatively funny post. (Not like yesterday’s post.) So, I started wracking my brain to figure out why my post yesterday was less than funny.

That’s when it hit me.


PMS. PMS affects My Funny. (Generic apology to my male readers here.)

PMS doesn’t necessarily take away My Funny. It just dulls it a bit. IE: The wit is still there, it just seems fuzzy around the edges. See, when it’s just a normal, PMS-free day, I’m all wit and charm and hilarity.

These are the days I come up with my best blog ideas.

But on PMS-y days, my thoughts are otherwise occupied. While I can come up with somewhat decent topics to write about, they always feel a little less…shiny. That’s probably because my thoughts are consumed with other things…

Like huge Hostess cupcakes. And how I’m going to murder the next person who calls and interrupts The Gilmore Girls. And tequila. Always tequila.

There must be a hormone to blame. Or lack of sleep. Not enough caffeine? Something about PMS is seriously toying with my ability to be funny. Which indirectly affects my ability to be adorable. I mean, who’s going to keep coming back to read a “sort of okay” blog???

And if today is the first day you’ve ever read my blog, and you’re thinking, “She thinks she’s funny? Really?”—PLEASE don’t judge me by this post, or yesterday’s! Just go read this one, and you’ll swear you’ve just encountered Whoopi Goldberg’s long lost Caucasian cousin.

Because, brain gnomes? Seriously?

“I’m SOOOO not funny.”

WAIT! I just thought of a way to make the cute little brain gnome funny!!!

Now THAT’S funny.


4 thoughts on “A Comedian I’m Not (Always)

  1. Katnip Lounge

    Srsly, a little counterpoint to funny is neccessary. On those (cue evil music) days, give us some biting sarcasm, some mean. Something a little bit naughty.

    The hell with it…just pass the tequila.

  2. The Vegetable Assassin

    Never mind funny. During my lady time or “The War” as I like to call it, I can’t even day-to-day function if I don’t have access to Little Debbie and her delicious Swiss Roll Cakes. Little Debbie is my bitch. Without her I’d just be another gun totin’ crazy person at loose in a mall.


  3. Walt

    OMG!!! PMS makes it “Fuzzy around the edges”. You didn’t say that. LOLROTF copter.

    Accidental humor is always the best.

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